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Surfing France

World class beachbreaks and perfect waves!

France’s huge coastline open to surfers (only 5,600 kilometres!) offers brilliant conditions for all those who want to ride some sick waves. Monstrous swells marching over the Atlantic crash into the Bay of Biscay, which is more or less sheltered from the rough winds that are born hundreds of miles away over the pond.

Undoubtedly, the swells that are generated in the enormous Atlantic and crash into the west and northern coasts are the best to ride, but don’t overlook the smaller waves coming in from the Mediterranean Sea in the south. The great nightlife, awesome beach breaks and constant surf make France more than just a country of crooning Casanovas.

The surf in France is more or less divided into three regions; the coast in the northwest (sharing the same Channel swells with England) all the way east to their favourite neighbours, Belgium; the west coast which stretches down from Brest (sick reef breaks) deep into the Spanish peninsula and finally the unforgettable Mediterranean coast with its more relaxed Latino vibe.

However, with the gigantic swells being dragged in from the Atlantic Ocean, the west coast is where most of the action takes place. Up in the north around Brittany is where many of the big swells arrive and is particularly sound to catch some dirty reef breaks. Although sometimes overcrowded in the northwest, with a bit of effort it is easy to find a spot to ride the waves with just the ocean as your onlooker.

Heading down from the north towards the Spanish frontera, you will be inundated with surf spots with your name written all over them. If you are looking for beach breaks one after the other, this area is a goldmine. God must have created the Bay of Biscay with surfers in mind because the shape is absolutely relentless in pulling in those perfect waves. Magnifique!

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