Surfing St. Girons Plage

Surfing St. Girons Plage

Surf spots for beginners and advanced

Saint Girons Plage on the French Atlantic coast, in southwestern France, is a paradise to learn surfing. The campsite Les Tourterelles, located directly behind the dunes, not far from good sandbars for surfing. The village offers supermarkets, surf shops, restaurants, several bars and a large selection of surf camps.

Saint Girons Plage is the northernmost village of the French Surf Camps Cluster Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains and Moliets Plage. Not as crowded in the summer months, as the other two places, Saint Girons offers the perfect mix of surfing, partys, and relaxing. The campsite Les Tourterelles also stands out by its quality from all other places in Moliets and Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains. Until twelve o'clock at night may be played here under floodlights table tennis and Beachvollyball. Furthermore you will find in front of the campsite a swimming pool, a bar, WiFi, washing machines, and sanitary facilities.

On Europe's longest sandy beach from Bordeaux to Biarritz is enough space for all beginners and advanced surfers. The mood in the line up is relaxed, so that even beginners come at your expense. The sandbanks run up to a wave height of up to 6 feet.

At the beach promenade you will find a Casino supermarket, a fruit and vegetable stand, several restaurants and the Bar L'Ocean. The bar L'Ocean is the best in Saint Girons

Directly opposite the bar L'Ocean you will find the Baywatch and the clubhouse of St. Girons Surf Club. Here you also find direct access to the guarded bathing area.

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