Whites Beach

North of Piha and south of Anawhata, Auckland West Coast

0.0 No ratings yet New Zealand

Praia da Areia Branca

5.0 One rating Portugal
Chambre d'Amour | Anglet | Surf Spot

Chambre d'Amour | Anglet

Plage du VVF

5.0 2 ratings France
Moliets plage | perfect for beginner and intermediates

Moliets Plage | Côte Landes

Rivermouth shapes every year good sandbars

4.5 One rating France
Mimizan-Plage | Surf Spot | France


4.5 One rating France
Côte des Basques | surf spot | Biarritz

Côte des Basques | Biarritz

4.0 One rating France


La Sinistra

3.5 One rating Italy

La Cicer

Best surf spot in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

0.0 No ratings yet Spain


Morocco's longest wave

0.0 No ratings yet Morocco


4.0 One rating Morocco
Mistery, Taghazout Morocco | surf spot


Fun but can be serious

4.5 One rating Morocco
Panorama beach is right south of Taghazout Morocco, a surfing prime region close to europe

Panorama Beach

the perfect beguinner beach right next to Taghazout

4.5 One rating Morocco


Surfspot near Bordeaux

0.0 No ratings yet France

Grande Plage | Biarritz

4.0 One rating France
Surf Discovery

Devil's Rock

Best Beach Break

4.5 One rating Morocco

Praia das Sereias


0.0 No ratings yet Portugal

Praia Azul


0.0 No ratings yet Portugal

Praia da Baía


0.0 No ratings yet Portugal


4.5 One rating Costa Rica
epic right at the oyambre beach in north spain

Oyambre Cantabria

Quality beach break in the nature reserve de Oyambre. All Levels

5.0 One rating Spain

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