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Surfing San Sebastian

Spain's Rio, a paradise for surfers!

San Sebastian is in the Basque country in Spain, at the Bay La Concha, between the mountains "Monte Urgull" and "Igueldo" in the west. Among surfers it is known for the "Zurriola" - the beach for local surfers and tourists. The surf company Pukas, europe's surfboard manufacturer number one, is from "Donostia" - the basque name for San Sebastian.

After the city burned down to the ground in 1493, today it shines in it's original character, and despite the high amount of tourists it escaped the destiny of being a pure tourist town. The historic city at the foot of the Monte Urgull has many bars, cafes and also clubs and is the midpoint of living for the native habitants of San Sebastian. It is famous for its night live ant for that reason nearly all surf camps offer weekly trips to this beautiful town.

You can surf directly at the Zurriola, at the east of the town. At the promenade you can lend your material at the surfschool of Pukas. The basque locals are friendly and relaxed, as long as it is not about the breakwater on the right of the Zurriola - there are the best waves, of course. You should only surf there if you have the right skills. If it is too crowded during summer time, you can also go to Zarrautz by train. Zarautz is not far away and is another top spot in the basque region and the home of WCT surf pro Aritz Aranburu.

If there are no waves, you can still go sight seeing: the city hall from 1897, kursaal, the center of congress, Paacio Miramar - the former residence of queen Maria Christina at the bay of La Concha, palacio de Aiete, Teatro Victoria Eugenia, Peine del Viento, sculpture of Eduardo Chilida etc. Ar the tourist information on the left of the last bridge over the river or at you will get further information.

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