MARANGA SURFVILLA in Seignosse Le Penon

MARANGA SURFVILLA in Seignosse Le Penon

Only footsteps away from the beach!


Many years ago – after a long search – we found just what we were looking for: an idyllic place, splendidly located right behind a dune. And in this place, a cozy house, nestled between the beach and a forest, only a few minutes’ walk from the major surf spots. Our garden, with its pine trees and cork oaks, offers shadowy places to lounge in hammocks and lures you in with its authentic rustic charm. The big terrace is one huge chill-out zone. Life here is governed by the rhythm of the waves and tides. And the conditions are perfect. Sand banks that form beach breaks, are right around the corner. Partying is easy too: experience regional feasts like Fête de Bayonne or hop on down to the bars and clubs in Hossegor.
Our surf villa is a place of rest and relaxation. What unites us all here is the joy of nature. Regardless of age, profession or life situation, families, small groups, single travelers, single parents, sports enthusiasts and nature lovers feel just as comfortable as students, business people and workaholics……
Learning a new sport together, relaxing on the yoga mat afterwards, enjoying cozy meals and games, admiring spectacular sunrises and sunsets: this is how the typical, family atmosphere is quickly created in the Surfvilla .

Maranga is not only our name, but also our motto: “come together everybody” means the Hawaiian term. That’s exactly how we live it. WELCOME!


Maranga Surfvilla Seignosse is a cozy house in typical Landaise style with six rooms for a total of 15 guests. So the atmosphere with us remains very personal and familiar. No matter if you arrive alone or with friends or family: everyone is welcome and new contacts to the other guests are quickly made, e.g. for the first common early-bird surf session in the morning.
The Maranga surf villa is nestled between dunes and forest. Only a few minutes walk separate us from the beach and the surf spots. The rustic garden with its cork oaks and pine trees offers shady spots on the terraces, in the hammock and our giant swing. Directly behind the garden gate the light-flooded pine forest extends to the dune. The small village “Le Penon” is also only a stone’s throw away. Here you will find everything you need in the immediate vicinity: small grocery stores, restaurants, bars, cafes, pharmacy, osteopaths and several times a week a large local market.
Life here takes place mainly outside. From breakfast to the end of the day you can make yourself comfortable in the different, rustic designed spots around the house and in the spacious garden.
We have two bathrooms with three showers and two separate toilets available. There is also a garden shower where you can clean yourself and your wetsuit from the sand directly after surfing.

Surf Courses

Under professional guidance, your first board and wave contacts will quickly become addictive fun. Trained surf instructors have the necessary knowledge to guide you in sensible steps. Both in dry practice on land and in practice in the water. The following descriptions should help you choose the right surf course for you. You can rest assured: there is no such thing as an absolutely homogeneous surf group. Each student brings his or her own personal technical skills, knowledge of the ocean and physical resilience. Of course, the surf instructors know this too. The first day of the course can therefore help the surf instructor to assess your actual level and form a group accordingly.

Are you still unsure or do you have any questions? Then feel free to contact us. Together we will find out what makes sense for you.

Beginner course

The beginners’ course is of course primarily aimed at anyone who has never had contact with a surfboard before. However, it makes sense to take a beginner’s course a second time. For example, if some time has passed since the first course or you haven’t had the opportunity to surf since then. However, previous surfing experience is by no means necessary. Of course, a little preparation for general fitness can’t hurt. This can be achieved by swimming and running regularly. Balance exercises can also be helpful. The aim of this course is to teach you the fun of gliding in the wave. The crowning achievement should be to be able to stand up on the board and ride your first waves standing up. But not everyone has the same athletic prerequisites and so there is no evaluation. Every participant is different and so it’s always about the personal goal. First and foremost, it’s about having fun and enjoying the individual experience in the wave, regardless of whether you ride it lying down, kneeling or standing up. You will learn solid basic surfing skills. This also includes a little theory:

Intermediate course

the prerequisite for taking part in the intermediate course is that you have already completed at least one or more beginner surf courses and then had the opportunity to practice what you have learned. You should be able to stand up safely in white water. The next step could be, for example, the green wave start and/or riding the wave at an angle. If the conditions are right, you can leave the white water area with the surf instructor and paddle into the line-up to practise in the green waves.
One thing is very important to know: There is no such thing as a completely homogeneous surf group. In a mixed group – as well as within a group of the same level – each student differs in their personal, technical skills, their knowledge of the ocean and their physical resilience.
Our surf instructors, with many years of experience, have therefore designed their teaching concept with this in mind. Within a group, instruction and assistance are adapted to the level and needs of each individual student. This allows each student to progress at their own pace, according to their own needs and abilities

Board- and Equipment rental

We do have a great range of training and rental boards which are from the brands NSP and BIC! On top of that we have long boards and short boards which are for rent. These can be rented for € 98,- per week. We have wetsuits in all kinds of sizes and shorties can be rented for € 35,- per week!

Getting there

You can reach our camp in any way you like, by bus, train, flight or car. If you take the airplane, you can fly with Ryanair or Easyjet to Biarritz or Bordeaux and then continue with public transport to Seignosse, or you can fly with TUIfly, Easyjet or Air Berlin to Paris and take the TGV to Bayonne or Dax.

Hope to see you in summer! For questions, booking request, more information or anything else use the contact form!

maranga surfvilla

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Single room, Double room, Multi room
Spoken Languages:
German, English, French
Breakfast, Fullboard
Max group size:
Max course size:
Open From/To:
Jun 15 - Oct 31
  • Yoga available
  • Free
  • Near airport
  • Near spot
  • Bike hire
  • Group offers
  • Family camp
  • Adult camp
  • Near beach
  • Near supermarket
  • For advanced
  • Nightlife
  • Restaurants


Avenue de la Marquèze 7
40510 Seignosse


Month Price per week/person (dorm room) Price per week/person (double room)
Juni 574 679
Juli 644 749
August 644 749
September 574 679
Oktober 574 679


*one lesson = 60min

Course type Including Prices €
Beginner course group max 8 students 3 days/6h/incl. board & wetsuit for course days 205,00
Additional day beginner course max 8 students 2h/incl. board & wetsuit for course day 75,00
Beginner course max group 4 students 3 days/9h/incl. board & wetsuit for course days 265.00
Additional day beginner course max 4 students 3h/incl. board & wetsuit for course day 90,00
Intermediate course group max 8 students 3 days/6h/incl. board & wetsuit for course days 235,00
Additional day beginner course max 8 students 2h/incl. board & wetsuit for course day 85,00
Intermediate course group max 4 students 3 days/9h/incl. board & wetsuit for course days 290,00
Additional day beginner course max 4 students 3h/incl. board & wetsuit for course day 105,00


Material including Preis
1 week surfboard rental 98,00
1 week wetsuit/shorty 35,00
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As described but in combination with great hosts and guests even better


Everything perfekt, nothig bad to say


Amazing place! Lovely atmosphere and people

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