El palmar

Unleash Your Thrills: El Palmar, The Premier Beach Break in Southern Spain

Welcome to El Palmar, a surfer's paradise where the waves dance to the rhythm of the Atlantic. Picture yourself riding the best waves of your life along the pristine coastline of southern Spain. El Palmar boasts an exquisite blend of consistency and power, offering an idyllic canvas for surf enthusiasts of all levels.

As a beginner, you'll find gentle, rolling waves ideal for honing your skills under the guidance of expert instructors. For the seasoned surfer, El Palmar presents an exhilarating challenge with powerful breaks that carve through the azure waters. The sandy bottom ensures a forgiving landing, making it a safe haven for wave enthusiasts.

The magic lies in the wave quality; El Palmar offers long rides with a perfect blend of both left and right-handers. The Atlantic swells provide consistent waves year-round, creating an ever-inviting playground for surfers seeking the thrill of the ride.

Imagine catching waves against the backdrop of a stunning sunset, with the sound of the ocean as your soundtrack. Whether you're a novice eager to learn or a seasoned surfer in search of the perfect wave, El Palmar's magnetic charm and diverse surf conditions make it an unforgettable destination for surfers from around the world. Come, experience the wave of El Palmar, where each ride tells a story of sun, sea, and the pure joy of surfing.

Attendance Week
Attendance Weekend
Best Tide Position
Low and Mid Tide
Best Tide Movement
Rising and Falling Tides
Rips undertow
Very Consistent
Good Swell Direction
South West
Good Wind Direction
Holds up to
1m (3ft)
Max Length of Wave
Don't know
Normal Length of Wave
Don't know
Starts Working
Less than 1m (3ft)
Surf Level
All Surfers
Type of Bottom
Type of Wave
Wave Direction
Left- and Righthander
Wave Power
Hurley Surfcamp El Palmar


Paseo Maritimo, Playa, s/n
11159 El Palmar de Vejer, Cádiz

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