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Hurley surfclub Camp El Palmar

Riding the Waves of Adventure: Discover the Thrills at Hurley Surf Club El Palmar

Embark on a surf vacation like no other at Hurley Surf Club El Palmar, your ultimate surfing retreat for beach getaways and tropical surf destinations. Immerse yourself in our expert coaching, ride breathtaking waves, and become part of our vibrant beachside community. Experience an unforgettable surf adventure holiday, as you seek the perfect waves in coastal retreats. Secure your spot now for a skill-building retreat, combining the thrill of surfing with the relaxation of a beachside escape. Explore exclusive travel deals and book your dream getaway for an unbeatable mix of luxury, adventure, and family-friendly fun. Discover oceanfront escapes and surfing paradise vacations, making your surf travel experience truly exceptional. Your wave-seeking vacation starts here!

Hurley Surfcamp El Palmar

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Spoken Languages:
English, Spanish
Max group size:
Max course size:
Open From/To:
Mar 13 - Jun 30
  • Free
  • Shuttle service
  • Bike hire
  • Group offers
  • Family camp
  • Adult camp
  • Near beach
  • Near supermarket
  • Pets allowed
  • Nightlife
  • Restaurants


Paseo Maritimo, Playa, s/n
11159 El Palmar de Vejer, Cádiz

Travel Info:
Surf Spots in the Area

What is the surfcamp all about?

At the surf camp, nestled in the vibrant energy of the Hurley Surf Club and hosted at the renowned Kampaoh Hostels, Kampaoh Surf club EL Palmar invites you to embark on an unforgettable journey. Picture yourself catching the perfect wave at El Palmar's iconic surf spot, followed by relaxation and camaraderie at the comfortable accommodations of Kampaoh.
Whether you are a seasoned surfer or a curious beginner, their expert instructors and beachside setting ensure an experience that blends the thrill of the waves with the warmth of hospitality. Join them as you ride the tides of adventure and create lasting memories beneath the Spanish sun. Get ready for an immersive surf experience that seamlessly weaves together the spirit of Hurley and the comfort of Kampaoh where surf dreams come to life.


  • Daily surf lesson
  • 1 surf skate session
  • Free use of surf equipment
  • Idyllic surroundings

Room & Accommodation People in Package price Price Calculation
Shared triple room Shared tent in Kampaoh El Palmar 1 390 EUR High season (Jun 1 - 30 & December 20 - 31): 450 EUR || Low season (Feb 22 - Mar 23 & Apr 1 - May 31 & Sep 15 - Dec 19 & Jan 1 - 11): 390 EUR
Private tent in Kampaoh El Palmar Private tent in Kampaoh El Palmar 1 550 EUR 550 EUR 1 Pax person
Private tent in Kampaoh El Palmar Private tent in Kampaoh El Palmar 2 900 EUR 450 EUR per person x 2
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