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Surfing New Zealand

The island nation of New Zealand in the South Pacific offers a variety of excellent surf spots. Here, the focus of surfing is on the North Island. But the South Island has also many good beach breaks and sandbars for surfing.

The adventure land New Zealand offers a breathtaking nature in different climates and many prime surf spots. Here prevail in the North Island is subtropical and south temperate climate. Thus, the average temperature in winter at 14 degrees and in summer with pleasant 16 degrees.

With an area of ​​268,000 km² Zealand is slightly smaller than Italy. With a population of just over four million people a natural paradise. Not for nothing turned Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" trilogy in stunning New Zealnd. The film still attracts hordes of tourists to the other side of the world, in the footsteps of Gandalf and Co.!

Along the west coast of the North Island you will find the Surf Highway. This road leads directly to the coast, you will find many good surf spots. The access to the sea are labeled and well signposted. The center of surfing takes you south of Auckland in Raglan with surf spots Ngarunui Beach, Whale Bay etc.! Many other good spots on the west and east coast can be reached from here by car, such as Mount Maunganui, Sunset Beach, Piha in Auckland, Anawhata.

A variety of surf spots with beautiful images of the beaches and nature to go surfing can be found in our Surf Atlas!

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