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Surfing Portugal

Perfect surfing conditions for the 365 day beach bum!

What Portugal lacks in landmass, it makes up for with a multitude of sandy beaches and reefs along its enviable 1800 km expanse of coastlines. Its particularly narrow continental shelf offers surfers some of the most powerful swells, breaking with incredible speed.

The mild climate and unrelenting turf, combined with exhilarating morning breezes, makes this surfer’s paradise especially popular throughout Europe. Great for beginners and experts alike, the wide variety of waves and swell sizes ensures that surfers at every level can catch the perfect wave. Just starting out and searching for a great way to learn? No problem. With numerous places offering lessons and package deals, Portugal has what you’re looking for.

Portugal is ideally located just west of Spain, where it picks up incredible swells from the North, West and South, making its surf conditions especially consistent. In winter the swells range from around 7 ft, sometimes reaching to 14 ft or higher for those in search of a more challenging experience. The surf continues year round with summer waves ranging from 3-5 ft.

Escaping the radar of most tourists and surfers are the Northern provinces of Mingo and Douro. Here, the gentle beaches line a well-situated coastline, which brings in the optimal swell from every direction, providing a superbly wide range of wave breaking surfaces.

With pleasantly mild winters and perfectly warm summers, Portugal is a year round surfers haven. Deemed by many as the Mecca of Portuguese surf, Peniche and Ericeira are particularly popular destinations. For the most consistent, world-class beach breaks, the west coast and Costa Capparica are excellent choices.

Similar to the surfing experience in Southern California, it is an extremely popular choice delivering substantial surf peak and water temperatures ranging from 17 to 23 degrees. Whether strolling on the beach or catching waves, the solid surfing, mild climate and perfect morning breezes in the Algarve make it an unforgettable surfer’s escape.

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