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Surfing Germany

good conditions on Sylt

Germany has with the island of Sylt, parts of the Baltic Sea and river waves such as the Munich Eisbach River, good to moderate surf conditions. Constant conditions you find on Sylt or on the river wave Eisbach.

To go surfing in Germany, there is only a small patch - the island of Sylt in the North Sea. Known surf spots on Sylt are the Brandenburg beach, balaclava Kampen, Hörnum or Kartoffelkiste. Anyone who wants to surfing and not the extent will travel, must take at least the trip to Sylt. With the regional train you reach Westerland on Sylt in four hours from Hamburg.

In the rest of Germany, the Swells not reach the shallow coasts of the Wadden Sea on the North Sea. The Baltic Sea is to go surfing only during a storm from the East or West for a few days a year. A colorful surf scene has developed against it around the Eisbach in Munich. The stream running through the English garden is perfect to learn surfing.

Surf camps in this region


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