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Surfing Morocco

An exotic getaway!

Looking southwards from the Rock of Gibraltar on the Spanish coast, you will no doubt be amazed by the towering cliffs that rise out of the mist in front of you. Those cliffs are the northern starting point of the world’s second largest continent, Africa, and one country which overlooks the Spanish Costa is that of Morocco - a mere 60km over the Straight of Gibraltar.

Although not considered the most obvious surfer’s paradise, one will be surprised by the hidden surf spots around the Agadir coast and the pointbreaks that can be found along the Moroccan coastline. Since many surfers often neglect the surfing possibilities along the Moroccan coastline, the ocean more or less becomes your own playground, with kooks and hodads staying at home. There are waves waiting for you in every nook and cranny in the winter months around the Agadir area, so one would be a fool to consider the area a taco stand. The large stretching swells around the Agadir area give way to intense pointbreaks and when the surf is up, the it can even break up to as much as a kilometer around the Desert Point area. Agadir is ideal for surfers who want to get away from it all and experience something completely different, daring and exotic. It is an area, which is easy to reach, and a short drive just north of Agadir is the place to find those immense swell waves.

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The best season for surfing in Morocco

The best conditions for surfing in Morocco are from November to the beginning of May. During this time the big winter swells reach the Moroccan coast unharmed by disruptive winds and bring the legendary pointbreaks around Agadir to life. With pleasant summer temperatures between twenty and thirty degrees Celsius and average water temperatures of nineteen degrees Celsius, it is a perfect place to spend the winter with 54 rainy days a year. As a wetsuit you should have a good 3/2 or 4/3 in your luggage. Even in the summer months you will always find a wave in Morocco, but often blown away by the strong wind but usually still suitable for beginners!

Photo Lars Jacobsen | Dracula surf spot between Taghazout and Imsouane

Tamraght, Taghazout and Imsouane - the surfing mecca in North Africa

On the 175-kilometre-long coastal section between Agadir and Essaouira is the surfing Mecca of Morocco. The most famous places are Tamraght, Taghazout and Imsouane. Depending on your personal preferences, all places are suitable for an extended surfing holiday. Also a large part of moroccan and international surf camps have settled here. A short portrait of all three villages!


Coming from the south of Agadir, the first thing you will reach is the small Berber village of Tamraght. With its numerous beach and pointbreaks you have arrived here only one hour from Agadir airport in the middle of the surfer's paradise. From the village situated on the mountainside you can walk to the surf spots Devils Rock, Banana Beach and the beach breaks of Taghazout Bay. Tamraght is not quite as lively as its big brother Taghazout 5 km north and is particularly suitable for stressed city dwellers and families who love a little peace and quiet and are looking for relaxation. If you still want to go out, you can take the bus or a taxi to Taghzout or Agadir. In terms of surfing it makes no difference whether you live in Taghazout or Tamraght!


The small fishing village of Taghazout has been able to retain its charm to this day despite surf tourism. When the first hippies discovered and surfed here at the end of the 1960s, tourism slowly developed. Today everything revolves around surfing and the small village is the centre of the surfing mecca of Morocco. Here you will find the highest density of surf shops, surf camps, restaurants, hotels and holiday apartments. The surf spots Hash Point, Panoramas and the famous Anchorpoint are within walking distance.

The old fishing village Taghazout could keep its charm despite surf tourism until today


The large bay of Imsouane is a paradise for all longboarders and is very suitable for surfing beginners due to its sheltered location. In case of big swell, Morocco's longest wave also challenges advanced and professional surfers. The entrance to the wave is located directly at the harbour of the small fishing village and ends deep in the bay depending on the swell. If it should be flat, you can switch to the surf spot Cathedral, which always produces a wave due to its open position towards the Atlantic Ocean. Just a good hour's drive north of Taghazout, Imsouane has been able to preserve its original side as a fishing village and with many other surf spots in the area, it offers a good starting point for your next surfing holiday. For a day trip, the port city of Essaouira is highly recommended!

Essaouira - the old port city has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001

Surf spot guide from Agadir to Essaouira

All along the coast you will find surf spots for all levels. The waves break over sand, stone and often a mixture of both. Morocco is known for its numerous pointbreaks where the waves break to the right - a paradise for all regular surfers. For your orientation we will introduce you to the most famous ones.

Surf Spot Map Morocco - Agadir | Anza | Tamraght | Taghazout | Imsouane | Essaouira


Beachbreak suitable for all beginners and advanced surfers. Anza is primarily known for its constant waves. Even with the slightest swell and when further north towards Taghazout there is already a flat for a long time, you will still find a wave here. In the past, the dirty port town of Anza has become more and more a hip surfer place with small cafes, shops, surf schools and camps!

KMs 11 and KMs 12

These two surf spots are named after the number of kilometres from Agadir to the north. Kilometre 11 produces a steep left wave, an absolute exception for Morocco as almost all waves on the coast run to the right. Beginners should stop at kilometer 12. Here you will find an A-frame wave (wave breaks to the left and right) which is not quite as strong as kilometer 11.

Banana Beach - Tamraght

Very good surf spot for beginners and advanced surfers within walking distance of Tamraght. The pointbreak lets the wave run to the right long over sand into the bay.

Devils Rock and Crocodiles - Tamraght

The home spot of Tamraght. The big rock divides the beach into a southern (Devils Rock) and northern part (Crocodiles). With good swell and suitable wind a nice right one runs over sand onto the beach. To the north you will find a long beach break with several peaks which merges into the surf spot Panoramas at the end of Taghazout Bay - ideal for all beginners and advanced surfers!

Panoramas - Taghazout

A popular surf spot just south of Taghazout and the northernmost beach section of the long Taghazout Bay. The point and beach break is suitable for all beginners and advanced surfers and produces long right waves on good days.

View of Taghazout Bay | In the front right of the surf spot panorama, in the middle Devils Rock and Crocodiles and on the horizon Banana Beach

Hash Point - Taghazout

Easy beach break directly on the fishing beach in Taghazout. Not the best spot in the area, but always worth a visit for a change.

Anchor Point - Taghazout

One of the most famous and best surf spots in Morocco. The world class pointbreak is located at the northern edge of the village and is easily recognized by its three palm trees and a small rocky outcrop. The long right wave runs steeply over several hundred meters and is only something for advanced surfers when the swell is big.

Shoulder high glassy waves at the surf spot Anchor Point

Mysteries - north of Taghazout

The first surf spot north of Taghazout. The point break breaks over a shallow reef and should only be surfed by advanced and professional surfers at medium water level or high water.

La Source - north of Taghazout

Nice A-Frame (wave runs in both directions) for all levels. The wave runs mostly over sand and at any water level. Easy to find due to a large apartment complex directly at the spot.

La Source - another very good surf spot just north of Taghazout

Killer Point - north of Taghazout

Another ingenious point break with a long right wave that runs very constantly during the winter months. You can expect a long paddle out to get into the line up, as well as strong currents that might push you up the steep cliffs. This spot is not for beginners and should only be surfed by advanced surfers. The name comes from the killer whales passing by!

Dracula - between Taghazout and Imsouane

Another world class right breaking point break with a steep, fast shoulder. This wave is absolutely world class, but also dangerous if you misjudge your level. The swell hits the open coast directly, so the waves have more pressure and are usually higher than further south. Pros and Locals only!

Photo Lars Jacobsen | Surfspot Dracula

Boilers - between Taghazout and Imsouane

Boilers can be found 500m north of Dracula. Also here a fast, long right wave with a steep shoulder awaits you. Same conditions as Dracula and therefore only something for locals and professionals. A big parking lot with a sign directly at the N1 shows you the way to one of the most popular surf spots of Morocco.

Surfspot Boilers | For beginners it means watching - for good surfers one of the best spots in Morocco

Tamri - between Taghazout and Imsouane

Named after the small town of Tamri, a wave always runs at this surf spot. If further south is Flat, the large bay offers numerous peaks for beginners and advanced surfers. The wave is a classic beach break with a strong current and a corresponding swell. Very popular with surf schools!


Surf Spot Imsouane | One of the longest and best waves of Africa © Photo Lars Jacobsen  © Photo Lars Jacobsen

One of the best surf spots in Morocco and very popular with longboarders and beginners. The wave runs at the lighthouse of the fishing port up to 600m into the long Imsouane Bay. The longest wave in Morocco and known all over the world for its perfection!

The lighthouse at the port of Imsouane is the entrance to the line up

Sidi Kaouki - between Imsouane and Essaouira

A small town about 30 kilometres south of Essaouira. The long beach offers a number of good peaks that almost all break over sand. Very good surf spot for beginners and advanced surfers. Highly recommended for all wind and kite surfers in strong winds!


World-famous wind- and kitesurfing spot, but also very popular with surfers in the winter months when the wind is light. But if you only visit the beaches, you will miss one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in Morocco. A visit to the old Portuguese port city as well as UNESCO World Heritage Site is an absolute must on a surf trip in Morocco. Our tip - if the wind is strong, you can use the pier south of the port as a wind cover for you!

Surfing in the south of Morocco

South of Agadir, hundreds of kilometres of wild Atlantic coast with countless surf spots await you. The port city of Tarfaya on the height of Fuerteventura forms the southernmost point of the original territory of Morocco, before you reach the occupied territories of Western Sahara. A surf safari is theoretically possible all the way to Senegal, but the city and the popular wind and kitesurf spot Ad-Dakhla, situated on a peninsula, is a good end point. Empty line ups, secret spots and the simple as well as traditional life of the population characterize this region and promise an exciting surf holiday away from the surf mecca north of Agadir. The most famous surf spots are Tifnit, Sidi Moussa d'Aglou, Mirleft, Sidi Ifni and Plage Blanche. German-speaking and international surf camps can be found in Mirleft and Sidi Ifni, among others. For a road trip through the Western Sahara we recommend a good preparation and a local guide!

Morocco - more than just surfing!

Example round trip Morocco with surf trip | Marrakech - High Atlas - Aït-Ben-Haddou - Skoura - Merzouga - Tizourgane - Taghazout or Tamraght - Essaouira - Marrakech

Marrakesh - Welcome to the Orient

If you want to get a bit of oriental culture besides surfing, you should visit the legendary Marrakech. The main attraction of the city is the medina with its huge souk and the Djemaa el Fna (literally: Square of the Beheaded), the world famous medieval market and executioner's square, today a lively place of oriental storytellers, snake charmers and jugglers. In the new town you will find the Yves Saint Laurent Museum and the Jardin Majorelle, which is impressive for its variety of plants and its peculiar architecture. The city of Thousand and One Nights has retained its flair to this day and when you stroll through the alleys of the old town, it still feels as if the arrival of the caravan from Timbuktu is imminent. Our insider tip - visit one of the countless hidden roof terraces and enjoy a breathtaking view of the city and the snow-covered High Atlas while drinking Moroccan mint tea!

Souk in Marrakech - in the labyrinth of many small alleys a journey through time begins

The High Atlas and Aït-Ben-Haddou

Marrakech is an excellent starting point to explore the south of Morocco. From here many round trips start through the High Atlas, passing old clay villages, green deep valleys and snow-covered peaks. Trekking and hiking tours are offered by local agencies in all levels of difficulty. The highest elevation is the mountain Jbel Toubkal with 4167 meters!
Once you have crossed the High Atlas, you will reach the city and UNESCO World Heritage Site Aït-Ben-Haddou on the old caravan route between Marrakech and Timbuktu. The Ksar (fortified city) has served as a backdrop for numerous Hollywood films such as Gladiator, Lawrence of Arabia etc. and is a highlight of any trip to Morocco.

On location of Gladiator, Game of Thrones, Lawrence of Arabia, James Bond 007 and many other Hollywood movies - UNESCO World Heritage Site Ait-Ben-Haddou in Morocco

Merzouga and the sand dunes Erg Chebbi

A sea of sand like in the stories from 1001 nights. Whether guided camel tours with overnight stays in luxurious Berber tents or just to watch the sunset - the sandy desert has always fascinated people. The starting point for a hike or a booked excursion is the village of Merzouga, situated at the foot of the dunes.

Merzouga - an often chosen starting point for an excursion into the sand dune sea Erg Chebbi on the border to Algeria


The mountain village, situated on a hill, is the starting point for breathtaking hikes and trekking tours in the Anti-Atlas. The landscape and mountains differ greatly from the High Atlas, but are no less impressive. Tafraoute, a popular tourist town, is usually the last stop on the way to the surf spots on the sea around Agadir!

Hike from Tizourgane to Tioulit in the Anti-Atlas


The picturesque Essaouira is another highlight of every Morocco trip. The ancient port city owes its beauty to the influence of different cultures, including the Portuguese who began to build fortifications here in the sixteenth century. In addition to its access to the sea, Essaouira was for a long time an important trading centre and was on the route of the caravan routes. In the sixties the first hippies discovered the charm of the city. To this day, galleries and handicrafts still dominate the cityscape, alongside fishing and the classic Moroccan souks. The long sandy beaches and the constant strong wind are popular with kite and windsurfers, for surfers the city is a good starting point for a surf trip south or as a destination for excursions!

Essaouira - Fishermen in port unload the catch of the day

For more information about surf camps and surf schools in Morocco or worldwide search our camp overview. Wish you a lot of fun planning your surf holidays!

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