Surfing Zarautz

Surfing Zarautz

surfing at one of the most popular Sufspots in Spain

The small town of Zarautz, in the Spanish Basque Country, is a popular destination for surfers from all over the world. The waves and beach breaks are among the best in Europe and attract surfers from beginners to professionals to the 2 km long sandy beach every year. With two first-class campsites, Talai-mendi and Gran Camping Zarautz, as well as numerous hostels and hotels, you will always find the right accommodation for your needs.

Zarautz in the Spanish Basque Country is the perfect destination for every surfer. The small town is situated on a long bay and offers many peaks for beginners to professionals on its two kilometres of sandy beach. The waves all break over sand and are therefore perfect for beginners. Besides the good waves, the town offers a long promenade to stroll along and many very good restaurants and bars to go out and party.

Integrated into the breathtaking hilly and mountainous landscape of the Spanish Basque Country, Zarautz is also the ideal starting point for walks along the coast or excursions into the hinterland for a surfing and active holiday. Furthermore, you can easily reach the Rio of Spain - San Sebastian or Bilbao with its world-famous Guggenheim Museum ninety kilometres away by S-Bahn in twenty minutes!

As a surfer you can rent a nice apartment directly at the beach promenade or make yourself comfortable on one of the two campsites. Both campsites are located at the east end of the bay. You can rent surfboards directly at the beach promenade at the legendary surf shop Pukas!

Campsite Talai-Mendi

Talai-Mendi is situated at sea level and is open only in the summer months. It has a restaurant and a shop where you can buy baguettes, cold cuts, drinks and everything else you need. So you don't have to walk into town every day. Also the Good People Surfcamp with international guests has set up its tents here.

Campsite Gran Camping Zarautz

The Gran Camping Zarautz is situated on a hill directly above the Talai-mendi campsite and has a beautiful view of the bay and the hinterland. Fantastic sunrises and sunsets can be best observed from here!

The campsite is open all year round and is slightly more comfortable than Talai-mendi at the foot of the hill. The restaurant offers very tasty food and also the own supermarket is well stocked. The public showers and toilets are very clean and are cleaned several times a day.

In summary, Zarautz and its surroundings is one of the top surfing destinations in Europe. We ourselves have spent countless and many unforgettable hours here in the water and on land. The best time to travel is from May to mid October!

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