Surfing Taghazout

world class waves for any surfer in and around the old fishing village in southern Morocco

The old Moroccan fishing village Taghazout is located about 20 kilometers north of Agadir and is one of the first address when it comes to surfing in Morocco. Three surf spots are in the immediate vicinity and can be reached in a short time on foot.

Whether at the world-class surf spot Anchor Point, at the Hashpoint directly at the small fishing port in the town center or Panomaras at the southern outskirts, here everyone finds his wave from beginner to professional. In addition to the first-class waves and a very good surfing infrastructure such as surf camps, surfboard rental and surf shops, Taghazout has retained its typical Moroccan flair to this day and is one of Europe's top destinations for surfers in the dark winter months.

Surf camps in this region


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