Praia Joaquina |  the lefts get really good

Praia Joaquina

Praia Joaquina is one of the best and most popular spots in the Brazilian Region of Santa Catarina. Brazilians love surfing! So in summer it can get very crowded here.

The spot is really easy to find. Just follow the road from Barra da Lagoa to the beach. There are a couple of restaurants and even Hotels there so you can chill out after a good session. On the left end where you enter the beach is a rocky headland with a sandbar that creates very good left handers. However if it's smaller or you ur not up to crowded takeoff zones just walk down the beach to the south and find your own peak...

Attendance Week
Attendance Weekend
Very Crowded
Best Tide Position
Don't know
Best Tide Movement
Rising Tide
Good Swell Direction
South East
Good Wind Direction
Holds up to
3m (10ft)
Max Length of Wave
Long (150m - 300m)
Normal Length of Wave
Short (50m)
Starts Working
1m - 1.5m (3ft - 5ft)
Surf Level
All Surfers
Type of Bottom
Sandy with Rocks
Type of Wave
Wave Direction
Left- and Righthander
Wave Power


40711-066 Praia Joaquina

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