Praia das Sereias


Here you will find several beachbreak spots with crystal clear water and waves with indisputable quality, constant throughout the year and suitable for all levels of Surf / Bodyboard, from beginners to the more experienced.

The main spots and most central are Praia da Baía, Praia da Sereias and Praia Azul. In these ones the crowd is regular and the waves are very consistent.

But if you don´t mind to walk or ride a bike for a little bit, you can look for other spots with less crowd in the south side of Espinho, like Praia dos Pescadores, Praia do Pau da Manobra or Praia da Capela

Beyond surfing, you will have the possibility to enjoy other cultural, leisure and sports activities:


The food cooked in the city is great…

There are several typical restaurants, most of them with a terrace near the beach, that mostly serve Portuguese traditional food and they are specialized in cooking fresh fish and unusual tasty shrimp from our sea.

Delight yourself with the city food specialties while you enjoy a great beach day or a breathtaking sunset with the Atlantic Ocean as scenery!


All weeks, on Mondays, there is one of the biggest weekly markets of Portugal.

Located right in the center of the city, the Monday Weekly Market is one of the main commercial and tourist attractions in Espinho

Besides the good prices, the great variety of products, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, clothes and shoes, flowers, handcraft, etc. and the direct interaction with the friendly dealers are the things that people who visit this market mostly like.


Espinho was and still is a fisherman village - we call ourselves “vareiros”.

So, fishing is one of the most important activities of the city and the main occupation for a significant part of the resident population.

However, our fishing is made according to the principals of “Arte Xávega”, mostly on sardines fishing, that is a traditional art of fishing that uses the fishnet dragging as main technique.

You can watch almost everydays this traditional art taking place on the beach and visit the "Espinho Art and Cultural Forum" (F.A.C.E.) to know a little bit of this art history and techniques.


To both the north and south of the city, you have available a wood walkway parallel to the beach where you can take a relaxing walk with the sea as company.

If you choose to go north (towards Porto), the first kilometers of your walk will be made in the quiet of the sand dunes, giving place to the agitation and the possibility of contemplation of the beautiful landscapes that the beaches between Espinho and Porto offer.

If you head south, and after passing through the fishermen's neighborhood, you will make your walk, almost entirely, along the sand dunes and will be able to enjoy the many uncrowded beaches that exist in the area of Silvade, Paramos and Esmoriz.

If you prefer to ride a bike instead of walking, you can take the same routes to the north or the south, along a road and cycle path, or simply choose to get around the city.


Espinho is virtually halfway between the cities of Porto and Aveiro.

That is why we belong to Aveiro district but at the same time we are integrated on the Porto metropolitan area.

So, if you want to take a little break from the beach, and with a 25 to 35 minutes train trip, you can visit the beautiful, historical and mysterious city of Porto or enjoy the inspiring and cheerful city of Aveiro, known as the “Portuguese Venezia”.


Another option to take a break from sun bath is to go in a 1 hour car trip to Arouca and meet the Paiva walkways.

The main goal of this trip is to do a relaxing walk in tune with nature (up to 16 kms) in the wood walkway available on one of the Paiva River banks.

To go there you have to pay 1,00 Eur and book it first.

Back to Espinho, you can enjoy other available entertainment options like several coffee shops, bars and discos, the Casino, the Atlantic Solarium Pool, the Oporto Golf Club, the Green Cost Aerodrome, the Skydive, the Equestrian Center and the Tennis Complex, among others.

Attendance Week
Attendance Weekend
Best Tide Position
Low and Mid Tide
Best Tide Movement
Rising and Falling Tides
Rips undertow
Very Consistent
Good Swell Direction
North West
Good Wind Direction
Holds up to
2m (6ft)
Max Length of Wave
Long (150m - 300m)
Normal Length of Wave
Normal (50m - 150m)
Starts Working
Less than 1m (3ft)
Surf Level
All Surfers
Type of Bottom
Type of Wave
Wave Direction
Left- and Righthander
Wave Power


Rua 2
4500 Espinho

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