Surfing and traveling in Sri Lanka

Surfing Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka - the pearl in the Indian Ocean is a dream for all globetrotters and surfers. In the island state just as big as Bavaria, you can expect super waves, dream beaches, breathtaking landscapes, a diverse flora and fauna and a great cultural heritage. We recommend you to sacrifice a few "surf days" when planning your trip and combine your surf holiday in Sri Lanka with a round trip.

After about ten hours flight and 8200 kilometres you will reach the only international airport in Sri Lanka from Germany, Austria and Switzerland - the Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo. From here, every surfer, backpacker and package tourist starts his holiday through the tears of India. The average annual temperatures range between tropical 27 and 30 degrees Celsius, but can vary greatly depending on the region. In addition to flip-flops, board shorts and a small umbrella to weather a tropical shower, a thick jumper, long trousers and sturdy shoes are also part of your luggage for a trip to the tea plantations or the old royal city of Kandy in the highlands.

Surfing Sri Lanka - the best season

Almost all year round you will find optimal conditions for surfing on Sri Lanka - no matter if you are a beginner or a professional. During the northeast monsoon from November to April the best waves run in the southwest of the island. This changes with the southwest monsoon during the summer months from June to September. During this time you can surf around Arugam Bay in the east of the island! The dry seasons move accordingly and so you can enjoy the waves all year round with offshore, sunshine, board shorts and pleasant temperatures between 20 and 35 degrees!

With the Tuk Tuk to the surf spot - the best means of transport on the island

Depending on wind and waves you should be mobile on Sri Lanka to get to the surf spot of your choice quickly. The Tuk Tuk is perfect for this, including your own driver! Make sure you negotiate a fixed price or that the Tuk Tuk has a working taxometer. Often, or if so negotiated, the Tuk Tuk or driver will wait to drive you home after the surfing session. Thanks to the low prices this is no problem!

Surfing in the southwest of the island - the best spots


The long bay of Weligama is probably the best place to learn surfing in Sri Lanka. Various peaks for every level of ability are available here and all waves break over sand. The place offers a wide range of accommodation and is a good starting point to surf other spots in the area. Even with a small swell there is almost always a wave running here!


The reefs and sandbanks around Hikkaduwa are the northernmost surf spots on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka. The most famous ones, Main Reef and Beachbreak are located directly on the long sandy beach of Hikkaduwa. They are suitable for all surf levels. Other spots are North Jetty, Inside Reef and Benny!


Another good surf spot in Sri Lanka you will find on the right side at the end of the long bay and close to the port of Mirissa. The wave at the end of the bay breaks over a reef and is suitable for advanced surfers as well as better beginners. Mirissa is situated between Weligama and Matara and has developed from a paradise hippie village to a popular destination for package tourists!


In and around the old colonial town you will find more surf spots. Directly at the Jetty at Clossenburg Beach, the Kabalana Beach Break and a bit south of the reef Kogalla! The town, originally built by the Portuguese, is also suitable for a day trip to get to know the country and its people better!


This surf spot is one of the most popular in the south of Sri Lanka. The wave breaks over a reef to the left and right (A-frame) and can run for over 300m. The waves break perfectly at a swell of up to two meters and are suitable for all advanced surfers!

Black Sands/SK Town/Medawatta and Matara

The locals call the surf spot SK Town Beach, but you can also find it under the name Black Sands or Medawatta east of Matara. First class beach break on a clean long sandy beach with a dreamlike scenery - absolutely recommendable and safe. Around Matara you will find several other beach and reef breaks!


Another good surf spot in the south of Sri Lanka and very centrally located. Here you will find several spots that run over reefs, the most famous are Lazy Left and Rams Right. Lazy Left is suitable for beginners and advanced surfers as this wave runs over a deep reef. Rams Right is a shallow reef with steep hollow breaking waves, so this is only for the better of you!

Surfing in the southeast - Arugam Bay

From May to the end of October you spend your surfing holiday in the southeast of the island. Arugam Bay is considered one of the best surfing spots in the world with daily offshore winds until well into the midday hours. The point breaks usually produce long right waves and are suitable for all levels. The most famous surf spots are among others Main Point, Crocodile Rock, Pottuvil Point, Whiskey Point, Peanut Farm, Baby Point etc.!

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