Photographer Lars Jacobsen | Surfing Peniche

Surfing Peniche

surf one of the best regions in Europe!

Located ninety kilometers north of Lisbon, you will find the Peniche peninsula. With its surf spots Super Tubos, Lagida, Almagreira and Cantinho da Baia you will find perfect conditions for surfing. Whether beginner, intermediate or professional surfer - in Peniche everybody finds a wave. With Super Tubos you find south of Peniche one of the best and toughest beach break in Europe.

Super Tubos throws an ultra fast Tube and is often called the "European Pipeline". Here already stops from 2009 the World Champion Tour of with the best 45 surfers in the world. Also in 2017, the Rip Curl Pro to determine a fixed date for the world championship tour in surfing.

On the other side of this beautiful peninsula, you will find with Cantinho da Baia near the village of Baleal, one of the best surf spots to learn surfing. A simple Beachbreak formed left and right waves here. Simple access makes this beach section the first choice for surf camps and surf schools.

With Almagreira, Molho Leste, Consolacao, Ferrel and Lagida also advanced surfers find ideal conditions for surfing. The attractive location and quick reach of many good surf spots make Peniche popular with surfers from all around the world.

The best waves run through the winter swells from mid-September until spring. You can travel easily by plane to Lisbon. Then continue your journey by bus or rental car.

Surf camps in this region


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