Surfing Algarve

endless Summer in Europe and perfect waves!

The Algarve, has a very mild climate with solid surfing often with offshore morning breezes are extremely common. This destination has been an extremely popular choice because it is very similar to surfing found in southern California and delivers a decent sized surf peak with water temperatures from 21° to low 15°.

There are about 100 sandy attractive beaches washed by the Atlantic Ocean and due to the maritime shelf and water currents the sea temperature can be often be surprisingly warm even in some of the winter months.

Located on the tip of Europe with the vast ocean of the Atlantic as its southern and western border, this enviable position gives this region possibly the most unpolluted climate in the European continent.

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Camps in this region

Wavesensations - Sagres Surf School & Camp

Wavesensations - Sagres Surf School & Camp

All Year around!

4.5 One rating Portugal
Wavy Surf Camp

Wavy Surf Camp Algarve-Portugal

Surf Camp in Sagres, south of Portugal, Algarve, which provides a magic surfing experience!

4.0 One rating Portugal
Good Feeling Hostel in Sagres

Good Feeling Hostel in Sagres

Hostel & Guesthouse in Sagres, Algarve, Portugal


Sagres Sun Stay

hostel and surf camp


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