TAKE OFF | You want to know some about …. Surfing?

You want to know some about …. Surfing?

You are a surf-beginner and want to feel the unique feeling of surfing a wave? As a surf-beginner you should be aware that surfing is a sport where you must pay attention to many details. Here you get a small overview of the most important theoretical things in surfing!

You want to know some about…. Boards?

„Which Board is the right one for a beginner?“ is one of the first questions when you start to surf. It is important not to get a too small one, because small boards give less boost. and its just the boost, which the surfing beginner needs for a start in the surfer's existence.

You want to know some about … Material?

In Surfing you don´t need a lot of material. Just a board and some good waves, is what you need to feel the forces of the ocean. To make surfing more pleasantly, some practical inventions have raised in the past years. The wetsuit protects the surfer against cold water and makes it possibly to surf in "arctic" conditions. The leash, a string in the Tail of the boards, was introduced so that you will not loose your board if you have had a wipe out. The surfer fastens the leash to his ankle. So you are not on your own if a wave hits you. To get better grip, you have to put on some wax on the top of your Board. Keep in mind, wax smells better than it´s taste.

You want to know some about…. Waves?

Where do waves come from, why do they break and where do you find the best waves? Test it: throw a stone into a bucket, then you will see some very small waves. But it´s the same process like in the ocean. The difference: in nature it´s the wind who creates waves. These waves start their journey to the costline. The rising seabed (reef or sandbank) brakes them and presses more and more water masses upwards. The wave becomes higher and higher and from a certain height it cannot carry the water any more and the wave breaks.

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