Tow-in Surf Session Ireland

Tow-in Surf Session Ireland

at Mullaghmore Head

Ireland (February 12, 2011)- The Irish Surf Rescue Club (ISRC) in association with Billabong are proud to announce ‘Tow-in Surf Session’, Ireland’s first Big Wave Invitational surf contest demonstrating tow-in surfing taking place at Mullaghmore Head.

The contest is a one-day big wave invitational staged at Mullaghmore Head with a minimum wave height requirement of 20 feet. The event runs up to and including March 31st, featuring 26 big wave surfers from Ireland and Europe. The competition will not only showcase the skills and dedication of these surfers, but will also aim to demonstrate the high level of safety and preparation that goes into a tow in surf session. It is our hope that the ‘Tow-in Surf Session’ will give the members of The Irish Surf Rescue Club a voice in the future regulation and formalisation of the sport in Ireland.

With the recent discovery of “Prowlers” and the acclaimed wave at “Aileens”, this surfing exhibition will further cement Ireland’s place as one of the world’s Big Wave surfing destinations!

Big Waves Expected on Ireland's North West Coast this Weekend

An extra large swell is forecast to hit Ireland’s North West coast this weekend. The swell is expected to peak on Sunday 13th February generating waves of the required ‘20ft’ plus size to run the ISRC ‘Tow-in Surf Session’ in association with Billabong and fuelled by Monster Energy. Irish big-wave competitors are gathering from around the country, joined by International competitors flying in last minute to the North West of the country in preparation for the event this weekend. It looks like the “Ocean has called the day".

Additional Information:

  • Mullaghmore provides the perfect big wave venue for a competition – the huge, powerful surf is within easy viewing range for spectators.
  • It is also one of the most dangerous and powerful waves off Irelands coast. The size of the waves here combined with a jagged, shallow reef and strong currents are just some of the many elements that make it an extreme place to surf.
  • In 2007, Mullaghmore saw massive 30 ft + waves being ridden by big wave surfers
  • Al Mennie, Duncan Scott, Richie Fitzgerald and Gabe Davies (both starred in the film Waveriders), which are amongst the largest waves ever ridden in Europe.
  • Amongst the impressive list of invitees, is big wave charger Easkey Britton, the only female surfer in the event.
  • Safety will be paramount for this event. Trained personal watercraft operators will work alongside the Irish Coast Guard and the RNLI to ensure a successful contest.

About the Irish Surf Rescue Club:

The Irish Surf rescue club was set up on a voluntary basis to improve safety within tow surfing in Ireland, however they are keen to formalise procedures. In Hawaii and Australia and now even in the UK the Jet Ski is recognised as the most effective surf rescue tool available. They are very interested in getting PWCs a good reputation as for so many years there has been no laws and safety requirements put in place. The aim of the club is to give PWCs the good name they deserve and keep Irelands beaches and its public safer.

Jeff Johannson

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