pic Credit: Raul Gunche |  The Quiksilver - La Vaca Gigante IV

The Quiksilver - La Vaca Gigante IV

The weather forecast predicts ideal conditions for next Monday

Santander, 16th January 2011. The Quiksilver “La Vaca Gigante IV” competition is on. After nearly two months of waiting, the weather forecast has predicted suitable waves for the invitational, Spain’s most important big-wave event.

The approach of a heavy swell from the Northeast, around three metres high, means that by NEXT MONDAY (17th January) La Vaca could reach the mark of 5-METRE WAVES, the minimum height for the event set by the organisers. This sets in motion an impressive series of events and media attention, starting with the summoning of the 16
participating surfers and the synchronisation of the whole organisatory machinery of the Cantabrian Surfing Federation and the Tow-in Center, together with the close collaboration of the city of Santander.

The Quiksilver “La Vaca Gigante IV” is near. Don’t miss it.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: - For the competition to take place it’s necessary for waves to reach a minimum of five metres in height.

  • The list of participants is by invitation only and limited to 16 surfers. Amongst them are some of the most-renowned specialists in big-wave surfing from the national and international scene.
  • The breaker “La Vaca” (Santander, Cantabria) is one of the most dangerous and powerful waves in the Cantabrian Sea. Its enormous body of water, its dangerous reef, the strong currents in the area and the proximity of the cliff are only some of the many elements that make any surfer think twice before attempting to defy it.
  • The prize money totals 10,000 euros.
Jeff Johannson

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