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Quiksilver Boardriders in Paris Bercy

cosy atmosphere in the Roxy area

Situated in the hotspot of the Parisian skate scene, this store, endorsed by Bixente Lizarazu, ambitiously offers the widest range of technical gear in the capital. With stone walls, carpentry and concrete flooring, the design of this ancient wine warehouse split over two levels, is based on a mix of genres.

Wood, metal and recovered materials mixed with china objects, give this space a unique spirit. A truly original, authentic and lifestyle concept, mixing surfing, art and fashion… a meeting place for the athletes from the Quiksilver team when they pass through Paris.

Right from the entrance, the scene is set. A wall of screens with webcams feeds images from the best Atlantic surf spots, leading into the warehouse centre and the heart of the shop. This large space is dedicated to offering technical gear, with
200 surfboards, paddle boards, longboard, bodyboards and snowboards displayed on an imposing circular metal arc, surrounding a shaper’s bench in the centre.
Around this area are the latest technologically advanced wetsuits and accessories. On the wall is a giant screen on which to view the very best in up-to-date surf films.
Moving laterally from the centre of the warehouse, two openplan spaces offer the Quiksilver men’s and women’s Roxy lines.

On the men’s side there is a relaxed and original atmosphere. From the ceiling, steel cables display a spectacular choice of boards, owned by our pro surfers and destined for sale. The stone wall becomes a gallery on which are hung impressive
wooden carved images of the best surfers on the team. Another point of interest is the boardshort customisation area, allowing clients to create their own models for others to envy.

There is a more cosy atmosphere in the Roxy area, in the theme of a winter garden, with an explosion of colour and woollen carpets, Chinese furniture, garden chairs in acidic colours, mixed with green plants in coloured sandstone pots, wooden crates and vintage suitcases, making this space 100% for girls, with a ‘home sweet home’ feel.
Further on, the visit takes us into the second part of the shop. This is an open cosmopolitan space where different worlds collide, split in the centre by a large glass staircase leading down to the second floor on basement level. On the wall are spectacular frescos of legends Kelly Slater and Tony Hawk, next to a giant screen, for the transmission of big surf, skate and snow events. The kid’s lines are displayed in a fun setting: driftwood cabins, a large blackboard wall, to let the imagination run wild… the allure of surf camps where the surfers and surfer girls rule. A more sophisticated atmosphere for the Quiksilver Premium range, playing the ‘old school’ card, using sunbleached wood, vintage boards, 50’s furniture and accessories.

The Quiksilver Women line offers something special for women; a space inspired by the beach houses of Long Island using wood sandblasted by sea air, vintage furniture and Asian carpets collected on far away travels… In the basement, this concept store unveils an urban environment dedicated to collections by DC, Moskova, Gnu and Libtech over an area of 250m2. Concrete flooring, brick walls, the design uses subtle materials like tarmac; inspired by the streets. There is a mix of customised industrial furniture and reused urban furniture. This space holds an impressive array of technical gear with a wall of more than 200 skateboards, accessories and footwear.
A wall of screens playing action films and a ‘tetris light box’ highlights the athletes of the teams.

The basement also houses:

  • A bar, open to all, for a drink, a coffee or a snack

  • A lounge with open access computers and free wifi

Once a week this will become a venue for ‘Quik Sessions’, introducing music and groups playing live in the presence of a jury made up of personalities from the music world. At stake for these groups are recording sessions at the state of the art ‘Drop In’ studio based in the Quiksilver campus at St Jean de Luz, a concert live on Virgin Radio, a gig at the Quiksilver Pro France and a year of sponsorship.


Centre Commercial Bercy Village
17 Cour St Emilion
75012 Paris

Open: Mo - Su: 11:00 - 21:00

Jeff Johannson

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