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Quiksilver Boardriders in Capreton

9.30am to 7.30pm non-stop, Monday to Friday

Back in 1995, Quiksilver shook up the world of surfing and created a huge stir when it opened what was then the biggest surf shop in Europe outside a city centre, in Capbreton. Fast forward fifteen years and Capbreton, the European surfing Mecca on France’s south-west coast blessed with fantastic waves, is the natural home for Quiksilver’s new concept store, the only one of its kind.

It’s a daring new idea that’s sure to go down in surf shop history. Part of the floor is made from clear glass to let in light and allow visitors to see down to the lower level of the boardriders. Through the glass floor, surfing fans will be able to watch as top-level athletes visiting this part of France do their physical training regimes. Quiksilver has broken new ground, by incorporating a Moskova training room into its boardriders club. Yannick Beven, a leading international Ju Jitsu expert, will take charge of physical training and mental preparation. The schedule will include Ju Jitsu, cardiovascular workouts and weight-training. Christian Auckagne, a former physio from the CERS (European athlete rehabilitation centre), will be running a personal monitoring program for athletes and will treat boardsports-related injuries.

Quiksilver intends the new shop to be a living, breathing environment dedicated to surfing, art and fashion - original, authentic and welcoming. Set on two levels with a sales area covering some 680 m2 (on the first level), the new site will offer boardsports enthusiasts the widest technical product range to be found anywhere in Europe, including products by Quiksilver, Roxy, DC, Libtech, Gnu and Freedom Dolly.
A unique, vintage vibe Quiksilver has kept the boardriders’ initial structure and made use of the lower level to almost double the floor space.

The idea was to create a unique and original environment, by adopting an unusual approach to interior design that involved hunting down the main furnishings from all over the world. All set against a stunning backdrop of wood, brick, metal, concrete and recycled materials. On the upper level, there’s a relaxed atmosphere that’s just perfect for hanging out, alone or with friends, and exploring the collections, meeting riders, having a coffee or checking your emails. But there are plenty more surprises in store:

  • A professional barber will be on hand to provide a shave in the good old-fashioned style, in a traditionally upholstered barber’s chair with a metal base.

  • A lounge bar - open to all - will be serving breakfast coffee and muffins or lunchtime snacks, and if you get too comfy in the club chairs you can always stay on into the evening for a nightcap.

  • A surfboard conveyor will run along the ceiling, displaying over 500 models.

  • Free-to-use computers will be provided, with a free wi-fi connection and even an area equipped with a stack of chargers for you to top up your cell phone battery.

The ocean has also been a big source of inspiration, with:

  • A workshop: an area dedicated to customizing T-shirts and slaps, with wooden sea chests providing an authentic maritime feel.

-A landing stage - a life-sized replica of the one in the port of Capbreton - will host concerts, exhibitions and retrospectives dedicated to the art of surfing, skating and snowboarding.


36, boulevard du Docteur Junqua
40130 Capbreton
Tel : +33 5 58 41 08 97

9.30am to 7.30pm non-stop, Monday to Friday**

Jeff Johannson

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