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Quiksilver Airshow 2009 Zarautz

– 8th August 2009

At the European Final of the King of the Groms, the leading competition for young surfers aged 16 and under, Quiksilver is staging Europe’s first ever nighttime ‘tow-at’ event. Zarautz beach will be specially illuminated for the occasion.

Around a dozen surfers, all air and ‘new school’ specialists, will be pulled at high speeds into the waves by jet skis and will wow the crowds with their aerial skills. They include France’s Damien Chaudoy, Dimitri Ouvré and rising star Joan Duru, while
locals Asier and Igor Muniain will also be there to ensure an exceptional evening.

There will also be some very special guests, Australians Craig Anderson and Ry Craike. To mark the occasion, Ry Craike, one of the top surfers of his generation and an aerial showman will be presenting the premiere of his new film, “ There’s no I in go Ry”.

A DJ set with Mahara Mc Kay ( and a live music show with the band Helltrip (, winner of the Quiksessions 2009, are scheduled during and after the demo. HELLTRIP bring back the raw, raunchy sound of the past. Gutter rock, strong power chords, and heavy background vocals, these boys have a hard edge and are a full-throttle combustion band.

HELLTRIP is full of reverb, slashing guitar riffs reminiscent of Angus Young and AC/DC with scratchy vocals. One thing is for sure these boys have got rhythm, style and balls. The songs are fun, at times traditional, and always inventive.

Born and raised in New Zealand, Mahara moved to Switzerland in 1991. This multicultural woman expresses her creativity through her devotion to music. As a professional and respected DJ, she aims to give positive energy to people while playing. Free spirited and confident, Mahara will help put the show into the Airshow!

Quiksilver Airshow 2009 schedule

Friday 7th August - Plaza de Munoa - Zarautz
Ry Craike movie and Airshow teasing
Saturday 8th August - Plaza Munoa - Zarautz
9pm: Riders meeting
10pm: DJ Mahara Mc Kay
11pm: Quiksilver Airshow contest
12pm: Helltrip live concert

Jeff Johannson

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