Qiksilver Pro France 2010 - Evening of Saturday, Sept 25th

Qiksilver Pro France 2010 - Evening of Saturday, Sept 25th

"DC ALL IN Show" and live concert by JAMAICA

At the Quiksilver Pro France, the only French stage of the ASP Men's World Surfing Championships, Quiksilver and DC are joining forces to put on a stunning (and free) opening evening, at the Place des Landais in Hossegor on Saturday, September 25th 2010.

Act I – The "DC ALL IN SHOW" – 8pm - 10.30pm

For close to two and a half hours, DC will be taking concert-goers on a journey of discovery into its universe. On the programme: FMX show, live vidjing (skate, snow, surf) and an exclusive presentation of Gymkhana 3 in the presence of Ken Block… Hold on tight!

1 – The evening will kick off with a FMX demonstration at the Place des Landais, featuring icons of the genre including Robbie Maddison (Aus), star of the last X Games, Nate Adams (USA) and Adam Jones (USA), all members of Team DC. Not forgetting Charles Pages and other guests, who'll be completing this exceptional line-up of riders.

2 – That will be followed by a "Live Vidjing" show combining the best action video sequences featuring Team DC, with breathtaking sound and lighting effects in a spectacular new audiovisual experience.

3 – The "DC ALL In Show" will round off with the exclusive presentation of GYMKHANA 3* in the presence of KEN BLOCK. Co-founder of the DC brand, a subsidiary of Quiksilver, and a successful WRC rally driver, Ken Block became an Internet sensation with his adventures and skills at the wheel. Acrobatic sequences featuring Ken Block's exploits in his rally car shot straight to the top of the viral video charts, and have clocked up over 70 million views. The forthcoming release of Gymkhana 3 is already generating unprecedented levels of anticipation. In it, Block and his 2011 Ford stretches the laws of inertia to new limits with expertly controlled drifts to the last millimetre.

The video has an exclusive soundtrack by The Cool Kids and an aesthetically superb and spectacular production. Not for the faint-hearted! * Gymkhana: a motor sport discipline practised on surfaces such as car parks or open spaces, which requires the driver to maintain control while pushing his vehicle to the limits and performing stunts including turns, slaloms, 180 and 360° spins, all while avoiding obstacles whilst drifting at maximum speed.

Act II –Orange and Quiksilver present JAMAICA live in concert – 10.30pm

It's the musical highlight of the Quiksilver Pro France 2010. The electro-rock group JAMAICA (formerly Poney Poney) will be performing live on stage at the opening evening at the Place des Landais in Hossegor, on Saturday September 25th. Presented by Orange, the free concert will be held in the open air, and the audience are in for a real treat as the group, made up of Antoine Hilaire and Florent Lyonnet, is one of
the biggest names on the music scene currently.

The duo are the hottest electro outfit around right now, and are proud of their rock and pop influences and shared heritage with classic French electro acts like Daft Punk and Justice. In fact, Justice's Xavier de Rosnay produced the excellent debut album by Jamaica, ‘No Problem’. OUTLINES, an iconoclastic group with a sound that’s a blend of soul, jazz and 80s, will be opening for JAMAICA. Having gained critical acclaim with their first opus "Our Lives Are Too Short", the group’s music is distilled into funky baselines, hip-hop beats and house. Their infectiously catchy compositions have been described as "futuristic motown" by none other than the legendary George Clinton.
Rounding off the evening's entertainment is the excellent DJ BREAKBOT (Thibaut Berland), whose funk remixes are already going down a storm on the club scene (and even accompanying the opening titles of Canal+ show "Grand Journal"). He'll get the whole crowd up and moving - nobody is immune to his beats! Recently signed up to the Ed Banger label, DJ Breakbot is the electro revelation of the year.

Jeff Johannson

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