Nixon´s 2011 Surf Challenge in Norway

Nixon´s 2011 Surf Challenge in Norway

10th Surf Challenge will commence in Lofoten Islands - Norway

The historical Basque city of San Sebastian has been the home of the past nine Nixon Surf Challenges. The Tenth Nixon Surf Challenge will be held on the 1st April 2011. Henning Erlandsen explains: “The original competition was developed with Nixon's Surf Team.

During those past nine years, the team and Nixon have worked closely together to create some historical events which have been great fun. We've had some epic conditions in San Sebastian as well as great support from the local surfers and community.

So, what next? Nixon Riders Benjamin Sanchis, Eric Rebiere and Fredo Robin came to me suggesting we make the tenth Nixon Surf Challenge a little bit different. Not just a competition but an inspiring adventure. A place that no-one would ever guess a Surf Competition would be held. So we went to work, we toyed with a few ideas, logistics, timings etc and we came up with the Lofoten Islands in Norway. Eric has surfed there once before and loved its nature and scenery. A stark contrast between the warm sunny city beach of San Sebastian, competitors surfing in board shorts and the cold crystal waters of the Lofoten Islands in Norway. The Lofoten Islands is situated so far north that it actually lies within the Arctic Circle.”

The Tenth Nixon Surf Challenge will host past winners such as Jonathan Gonzales (Canary Islands), Micky Picon (France) and Fredo Robin (France). Past winners will enjoy surfing alongside fresh Norwegian Champion Jonas Paulsen as well as surfers from Norway and the local community in Lofoten.

About The Nixon Surf Challenge:

Established in 2000 in San Sebastian, by Nixon's surf team. An event held by the surfers, judged by the surfers. The focus is on progressive surfing, overall performance, and having fun in or out of the water... It’s an “invitation only” contest.

Jeff Johannson

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