FUS Crew wins Nike Chosen Contest 2011

FUS Crew wins Nike Chosen Contest 2011

local river surfer from Munich//Germany in front

The German FUS Crew from Munich wins the Nike Chosen Contest 2011. The river surfing crew around Tao Schirrmacher, Simon Strangelfeld, Flori Kummer etc. produce an amazing video clip at his local surf spot Eisbach - a standing wave directly in the center of Munich. The bavarian midland surfer get a seven day surf trip and 40 000 US Dollar price money. Congratulations FUS Crew..Oans, zwoa gsuffa!

If you are planing a little bit "different" surt trip to the capital of river surfing Munich in Germany, here are our recommendation....

FUS Crew Nike Chosen Video

Oktoberfest Munich

Need for Speed - German Autobahn

Jeff Johannson

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