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New Surf Shop for German Surfers

BERLIN, Germany (Monday, August 25, 2014) - Since 1 month OTRO MODO Surfshop is online. Surf shop and surf camp founder Christof’s aim is to provide individual guidance for every typ of surfer equal if beginner or advanced. Due to his year long experience as a surfer and the daily impressions of his surf coach team, he developed two very useful product finders.

OTRO MODO is Spanish and means „The different way“. For surf shop founder Christof and his international team of surf coaches this stands for a different way of life. The all devoted their life's to the Ocean. Living on Fuerteventura and teaching people how to surf, the group of sport enthusiasts decided to design a new shopping platform for surf equipment.

Thanks to their daily routine as surfers and surf coaches the OTRO MODO team knows quite well which surfboard shapes truly keep what they promise. 
The most surfboards look great and surfboards manufactures describe their boards usually as perfect to perform any kind of maneuver.

But isen’t the trough a bit more complicated? Many surfers have only time to surf in their vacation. So it seems that they choose the conditions of the waves by the surf spot, but the see is unpredictable and quite often the conditions are not as good but simply different from what they expected. Also many surfers are not as experienced as the surfboard brands think they are. An intermediate surfer needs a different boards for a small waves than an advanced surfer...

The surfboard finder just need size and weight and most important asks the surf experience and surf skill and desires of the surfers. With that information the costumer gets an individual range of surfboards according to his body dimensions, skills and surf experience.

Surfers who plan a trip to a country where the haven’t surfed before can use the wet suit finder. The online tool only asks for the desired destination and the period of travel. Enjoyable explanations show the surfer which wet suit will be the most useful for their trip.

At the moment the surf shop is designed for German speaking surfers. Shipping is possible to Germany but also to Austria and Switzerland. Surf shop founder Christof is optimistic to have the shop running in English and Spanish soon. „We are sure our concept to set high value in a fine choice of self approved surf equipment and constant guidance of our costumers will proove right and we will be available for surfers from the rest of Europe soon!“

Check for more information!

Jeff Johannson

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