Surf destinations

North Sea and The Mediterranean

Photographer Lars Jacobsen | North Sea Nations and The Mediterranean

Surfing North Sea Nations and The Mediterranean

Quality swells after a few days blowing!

Photographer Uwe Weber | Brandenburger Strand | Westerland | Surf Spot |

Surfing Germany

good conditions on Sylt

British Isles

Photographer Lars Jacobsen | Surfing United Kingdom

Surfing United Kingdom

Surf Scotland, Wales and England on a 360 Swell Angle!

Photographer Lars Jacobsen | Surfing Ireland

Surfing Ireland

Guinness, girls and of course, a thriving surf scene!


Photographer Lars Jacobsen | Surfing Australia

Surfing Australia

mutate from a backpacker to a surfer

Surfing worldwide

Photographer Gunnar Lubahn | Surfing Bali | Dreamland

Surfing Bali

Photographer Benni Berger | Surfing Indonesia

Surfing Indonesia

Piha | surf spot | New Zealand

Surfing New Zealand

Surfing and traveling in Sri Lanka

Surfing Sri Lanka

Photographer Lars Jacobsen

Surfing North America

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