Alawa Surfcamp Patin

Alawa surf, Pantin beach, Galicia

Alawa surfcamp: Our name define us, (Alawa means to the water in Spanish), for years, the engine of our lives is surfing, and this is what we try to convey in our surf camp. No matter what your level ... here we have a place for you!, With the help of pro surfer and European champions Estitxu Estremo, you will not forget your experience with us!!

Our location: Our surf camp is located 50 meters from the beach of Pantin(Galicia), one of the best surfing beaches in Europe, as there are always waves and endures all wind conditions. All this plus the fact that we are in a stunning setting, makes us privileged. On the beach of Pantin is celebrated annually the world surfing championship Pantin Classic and the best surfers in the world come here every year. For our location we are in a piece of coast in which within 10 km there are 5 beaches with the best conditions for surfing.

Facilities: We know that surfing is a tough sport ... so here we put all of us to not have to worry about anything other than surfing, enjoy and relax. For this all we will have to offer a surfhouse with modern amenities,a spacious lounge with screening room, cozy rooms and a kitchen with all facilities. Around the surfhouse have a close garden of 1000 sq mtrs, where we have installed two table tenis, a chill out area where you can relax listening to the sound of birds and enough land to organize our futbolley and volleyball games. And best of all is ... you get it all just 50 meters from the sandy beach, so here when you tire of relaxing just have to take the board and in 1 minute you'll be in the water surfing! We have a partnership with a local restaurant and we offer the best galician food to give to you the energy you will need to surf every day!!

Surf courses: Our surf camp director is the pro surfer and European champions Estitxu Estremo and our teaching methods are designed for her, thanks to her knowledge and experience in the world of surfing. What counts in our teaching philosophy is safety and fun in learning, with a ratio of 5 students per teacher, which makes possible to make a custom channel for each. The groups will always be adapted to the age and level of each student, taking groups from the level of learning to competition groups. In all our camps and courses we follow all safety parameters and each student will have their own liability insurance and accident. The camps are organized by weeks eachother but we adapt to the needs of each client. We always videorecord the surf sesions anda after it we make a video correction to improve your skills!!!

Write us an enquiry with the time period you desire. We will reply immediately and are happy to answer all your questions. Hope to see you soon - your Alawa team!


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Jan 01 - Dec 31


Lugar do Ariño 24
15553 Pantin (Valdoviño)

Camps and Prices

Prices are per person. Acomodation and all meals are included, we have an agreement with a local restaurant and we serve the best Galician food. You have 3 hours clases in the morning and another 3 in the afternoon. The surf sessions are videorecording and at the end of the day there is a videocorrection session. All material is provided and available for free use the whole day. All other activities are included.

April 7 days/6 nights 380eur
May 7 days/6 nights 380eur
June 7 days/6 nights 420eur
July 7 days/6 nights 450eur
August 7 days/6 nights 450eur
September 7 days/6 nights 380eur
October 7 days/6 nights 380eur
Theorical and practical course with all material and insurance included
1 day, 2 hours 25 eur
5 days course, 10 hours 100eur
Weekend course, 4 hours 60eur
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