Ride - Action Resort & SPA in Peniche

Action Resort & Spa

Ride Resort is a gateway to new adventures, new surroundings, new cultures. That’s why we offer such a diverse collection of activities, experiences and feelings. Whether you just want a spa relaxation or a week full of adrenaline and adventure, at Ride you can have it all, in harmony with its surroundings and shaped by its local culture. When you stay with us, we will take you beyond the everyday to a place where “no worries” is more than just a saying.
“Ride”, it’s an Action Resort & SPA, in Baleal, Peniche. We are a unique and innovative project, not only in Silver Coast area, but also in Portugal. Elegance, comfort, adventure, sport and nature, all combined in harmony in the same place.
The practice of action sports, in a cosy and elegant environment, always in contact with nature, it’s possible with us. In our Academy, our guests can choose between surf, skate and bike classes, for all ages and skills.
We provide surf classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers, within a walking distance to different and amazing beaches.
Fortunately, because our coast has so much more to offer, we want to explore more than surf…
At the resort, there’s a skatepark for free use, but also for the skate classes, available for all levels of skills.
Within a radius of 10km, there are amazing and unique trails for a great bike ride, whether you want to ride for 1h or for 1 day.
Besides the surf, skate or bike classes, our guests can also enjoy several other services and facilities, such as: climbing boulder, heated pool, shop, Gym & SPA, yoga, massages, game room, bars and restaurant.
The resort provides adrenaline moments, through all the services, elegant and comfortable rooms, in what it may be, the experience of a lifetime.

Ride Resort

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Single room, Double room, Multi room, Hotel
Spoken Languages:
English, Portuguese, Spanish
Breakfast, Halfboard, Fullboard
Max group size:
Max course size:
Open From/To:
Jan 01 - Dec 31
  • Yoga available
  • Free
  • Near spot
  • Bike hire
  • Group offers
  • Organized trips
  • Family camp
  • Youth camp
  • Child care
  • Near beach
  • Near supermarket
  • For advanced
  • Arrival by bus
  • Nightlife
  • Restaurants


Rua Bartolomeu Dias Lote 5
2520-117 Casais do Baleal Peniche


Packages and Accommodation LOW SEASON (28/10/2018 - 31/03/2019) MID SEASON (30/09/2018 - 27/10/2018 & 01/04/2019 - 30/06/2019) HIGH SEASON (15/07/2018 - 29/09/2018)
LIGHT PACKAGE (bed per week) 599,00 € 699,00 € 799,00 €
LIGHT PACKAGE (room per week) 1 pax 879€ / 2 pax 1499€ 1 pax 1014€ / 2 pax 1799€ 1 pax 1149€ / 2 pax 1999€
PREMIUM PACKAGE (bed per week) 699,00 € 799,00 € 899,00 €
PREMIUM PACKAGE (room per week) 1 pax 979€ / 2 pax 1699€ 1 pax 1114€ / 2 pax 1999€ 1 pax 1249€ / 2 pax 2199€
ROMANTIC PACKAGE (2 nights/room) 250,00€ 285,00€ 305,00€
WELLNESS PACKAGE (2 nights/room) 225,00€ 255,00€ 285,00€
Bed in Shared Room (BF included) 20,00 € (per bed, per night) 30,00 € (per bed, per night) 35,00 € (per bed, per night)
Private Room (BF included) 65,00 € (per room, per night) 99,00 € (per room, per night) 139,00 € (per room, per night)


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