Naturexperience Surf Camp in Peniche

Naturexperience Surf Camp in Peniche

We offer tribe members two different styles of hostels in Peniche. A villa turned to surf hostel, Tribo da Praia Almagreira Surf Hostel, close to the beach with unique beds, ocean view terrace, grass and vegetable garden, between surf spots. And the real Eco Hostel, Tribo da Praia Eco Hostel, made with love, recycled materials, with dorms and bedrooms, next to pastry shops, cafes, surf shops, mini market, grocery shops.

Almagreira Surf Hostel is a luxurious villa turned into a hostel, situated in Ferrel on top of the hill in the countryside, between surf spots of Baleal an secluded Almagreira beach, 5 minutes from the cliffs with nothing but peace and quiet around, with an amazing overlooking for the Ocean.

Staying in the hostel is a unique experience whether you're looking for a surf holiday or are interested in the local culture and gastronomy.

Almagreira Surf Hostel accommodates 10 single beds, and one private room.


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Jan 01 - Dec 31


Cantinho da Baia, Baleal
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