Dreamsea Surf Camp Tocha

An unspoilt surfing paradise in Portugal

Dreamsea Surf Camp Portugal Centro is located in Praia da Tocha, Portugal. An unspoilt surfing paradise in the coast of Portugal, an amazing fisherman town to discover.

Come and enjoy the splendor that this land has to offer. Get closer to nature and feel part of it. It’s time to breath fresh air in an environment full of magic, SURF, active and healthy lifestyle, comfort, and fun.

The Camp

Dreamsea Surf Camp Tocha is located in the Campsite “Praia da Tocha", Portugal, north-west Portugal. Just 3 minutes walking from a beautiful wild surfing beach, in a small fisherman town full of charm. The camp facilities includes a pool, wash rooms, bar restaurant, mini-shop, washing machine, first aid, barbecue, Wi-Fi, ping-pong table and a chill out area.

In Dreamsea Surf Camp Tocha, we offer you the opportunity to live the real SURFING experience, having the chance of surfing uncrowded waves in a long amazing savage beach, and all of this staying in one of our exclusive fully equipped tepee tent. Get lost in its comfort, and feel the positive atmosphere of this beautiful space that integrates design with nature.


Sweet dreams come from sleeping well. In Dreamsea we think a good rest is an important part of having a great surf camp experience. We provide our participants with comfortable, fancy tents and high quality mattresses.

Because there is no reason to sacrifice comfort and luxury if you want to enjoy the great experience of outdoor holidays in harmony and contact with nature.

Glamping is a new and growing trend from the last decade, a fusion of glamour and camping. It is a perfect concept for those who love the positive points of camping and outdoors lifestyles but forgetting all those negatives aspects and enjoying a complete comfort.

We invite you to try this new concept of camping in our double bed glamorous tents. Furnished and decorated with a cozy and pleasant taste, out of recycled materials and equipped with a very comfortable mattress.

  • Cozy and comfortable furnished tents with bedding, lighting and power.
  • A unique and exclusive design integrated with nature.
  • Perfect for couples: a romantic and private retreat.
  • A fancy eco-friendy space.
  • Includes a nice welcome present: bottle of wine.

If you are travelling with a group of friends or alone and you are looking to have an amazing time, get to know new people from all over the world, and you don’t want to spend that much on a glamping tent for yourself, we offer you a more economic option. These tents has exactly the same quality as the glampìng tents but in this occasion, to make it cheaper, you will share the tent with at most two more people. Choosing this option doesn’t mean losing comfort, but sharing your experience with adventurers like you. These tents are made for eight people, so having enough room won’t be a problem.

  • Cozy and comfortable furnished tents with lighting and power.
  • Perfect choice for groups or solo travelers
  • Be part of the surf camp life and don't miss anything.
  • Bedding included, travel lighter.

Surfing lessons

Learn and improve your surfing skills with the best professionals at Dreamsea Surf Camp.
Joining our surf camp you will receive 10 hours of lessons per week, all of them in the water, 15 hours if you book the intensive lessons course. All with the best qualified and experienced instructors you can imagine, all our instructors will teach you not just how to surf, but how to enjoy the ride, and most important of all, how to enjoy the learning process, in a lifetime experience.

In Dreamsea Surf Camp you will be safe and comfortable all the time in the water because we provide one instructor and one assistant per eight students. Our instructors will be in the water helping you out, so you will take advantage of the personal attendance our instructors will give you. Your instructor will be the same all the week long, meaning a better communication flow.

Our surf camp instructors are one of the keys that make us different from the rest. All our instructors have the surf instructor licence, and our surf instructors ain't no mercenaries, they love the surf, and more important, they love teaching surf, so they will make a top effort to make you enjoy and love the surf as they do, while being safe. We guarantee you, you are gonna love your surf instructor, the surfing experience, the Dreamsea Surf Camp team and every second you will be with us.

Each surf lesson lasts 90 minutes, normally one to two lessons per day, this makes Dreamsea Surf Camp the best option if you are really interested in learning how to surf. Of course in our surf camp we have the best equipment, that you can use, even after the surfing lessons, all for free.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to create a sustainable environment through the respect of nature, while encouraging the physical activity. We do believe in a healthy style of life, specially for young people.


An active respect of the nature is one of the keys of the philosophy in our surf camp, for this reason Dreamsea Surf Camp actively participates in cleaning beaches programs. Collaborating with important NGO´s as "Surfrider foundation".
Recycling is a key factor in Dreamsea Surf Camp, so we do always separate and classify the waste, contributing to respect and save the environment. We do also recycle the old and broken material, creating new furniture's and objects out of it.

Physical activity

Dreamsea Surf Camp believes in a healthy and active lifestyle. That´s why we see it as an important matter of fact offering the practice of surfing. We encourage the practice of sport and physical activities, especially for young people because it is a period of high vulnerability.
We do also, in accordance to our philosophy, organize a lot of different activities complementing the surf (beach volley tournaments, beach soccer, table tennis, mountain biking, etc...).


It is our dream that young people from all around the world can come to our surf camp to share experiences, culture and values, enjoying a lifetime experience and the best holidays they could ever dream of.


Request an individual quote directly from the camp owner.

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Spoken Languages:
English, Portuguese, Spanish
Max group size:
Max course size:
Open From/To:
May 30 - Sep 26
  • Yoga available
  • Near airport
  • Near spot
  • Group offers
  • Family camp
  • Adult camp
  • Near beach
  • Near supermarket
  • Pets allowed
  • Nightlife
  • Restaurants


Rua dos pescadores, Rua Nossa Senhora Da Tocha
3060-391 Praia da Tocha

Prices 2020


The price includes accommodation in glamping tents or shared tents depending on your choice, full board (breakfast, lunch box, dinner), free access to all our surf and camp equipment, camp activities and a lot of surprises.

Starting Week First Week/Person Extra Week/ Person Glamping/ 1Pax Glamping/ 2Pax Surfing Lessons Intensive Surfing Lessons Yoga Lessons Intensive Yoga Lessons
30/05/2020 259€ 229€ 429€ 658€ 120€ 150€ 30€ 45€
06/06/2020 259€ 279€ 429€ 658€ 120€ 150€ 30€ 45€
13/06/2020 309€ 279€ 479€ 758€ 120€ 150€ 30€ 45€
20/06/2020 309€ 329€ 479€ 758€ 120€ 150€ 30€ 45€
27/06/2020 359 € 329€ 529€ 858€ 120€ 150€ 30€ 45€
04/07/2020 359 € 329€ 529€ 858€ 120€ 150€ 30€ 45€
11/07/2020 359 € 329€ 529€ 858€ 120€ 150€ 30€ 45€
18/07/2020 359 € 329€ 529€ 858€ 120€ 150€ 30€ 45€
25/07/2020 359 € 329€ 529€ 858€ 120€ 150€ 30€ 45€
01/08/2020 359 € 329€ 529€ 858€ 120€ 150€ 30€ 45€
08/08/2020 359 € 329€ 529€ 858€ 120€ 150€ 30€ 45€
15/08/2020 359 € 329€ 529€ 858€ 120€ 150€ 30€ 45€
22/08/2020 359 € 329€ 529€ 858€ 120€ 150€ 30€ 45€
29/08/2020 359 € 279€ 529€ 858€ 120€ 150€ 30€ 45€
05/09/2020 309 € 279€ 479€ 758€ 120€ 150€ 30€ 45€
12/09/2020 309 € 279€ 479€ 758€ 120€ 150€ 30€ 45€
19/09/2020 309 € N.C. 479€ 758€ 120€ 150€ 30€ 45€


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