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On the beaches of Lisbon

WaveSisters Surfcamp Portugal: We are opening the doors to our new WaveSisters Surfcamp in Costa da Caparica, Portugal, in March until October for girls and women only. Our Surfhouse is near the waterfront and you can walk in 3 minutes to the beach. We go surfing on the different beaches of Lisbon surrounded by the nature park of Costa da Caparica . The different directions of the surfs spots are offering always a possibility to surf. In spring and autumn you can find a comfortable climate and perfect conditions to join us in the waves. In the summer we can enjoy the heat of the sun and the freshness of the water while we go surfing. You can reach Lisbon in 25 minutes with a car or Bus. You can enjoy a café, go for lunch or dinner on the long beach promenade or buy local products on the market in our little Portuguese village.

You will spend your holiday in our Surfhouse in short reach of the surf beach. The accommodation is self-catering and is a girls only accommodation. A lot of times the WaveSisters cook together or enjoy a traditional meal in the village. We can also offer different Appartments near by.

What our Surfcamp offers: - About 15 hours of surf lessons (theory and practice), incl. surf material

  • 3x1,5 hours yoga lessons
  • Accommodation in a House 7 nights, 2 beds per room
  • Place in the Surfvan Accommodations** Surfcamp: **Our surfcamp is only 10km south of Lisbon in Costa da Caparica. The house sleeps up to 8 WaveSisters with 2 girls per room. It is equipped with one bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, a spacious kitchen and a big living room with chimney and terrace. We also have a big outside area with BBQ. Everybody will find space to chill out and share the experiences of the day. Because our surfcamps are self-catering we always take care that you find a fully equipped kitchen to prepare some nice meals together. Close by you will find shopping facilities, cafes, restaurants and bars. Lisbon is about 25 Minutes away offers all possibility of a major european city with sightseeing, shopping and night life. The nature around the surfcamp invited for a long walk and the 30km stretch of beach and is perfect for sunbathing and surfing. You can find an internet connection around the corner of our accommodation.

** We offer:**- Surfcamp for 8 WaveSisters, 2 beds per room

  • Shared kitchen, living room, bathroom
  • Surf course
  • Yoga
  • Place in the Surfvan
  • Single room on request for a supplement of 100€ Prices** Surfspots /Climate: **The area around Lisbon is famous for its perfect waves. Because of the two cost lines with different directions we can always find a perfect wave in all different swell and wind directions. The beach of Costa Caparica is one of the top spots and also contest area but also perfect to learn how to surf. You can find more information on Wannasurf and the current swell and wind forecast on Magicseaweed. To the advanced surfer girls and women the area until Ericeira offers many different types of waves. Waves over sand, reef and pointbreaks can all be accessed within 30-60 minutes by car. The famous wave Supertubos, in Peniche, forms perfect barrels right onto the beach and is about 1,5 hours away. Spectacular to watch and maybe to surf. In spring and autumn Portugal offers us a cosy and relaxed climate due to its southern location and an empty line-up. Perfect to enjoy some quality time with friends. The air has about 24 degrees in spring and the water temperature is at an average of 16 degrees. In autumn the air will be colder at about 21 degrees and the water will be around 17 degrees. In the summer you will enjoy sun, beach and people in Portugal. Many different beaches always offer a empty spot for us to go for a relaxed surf.

** Surfing: **Experience pure joy while surfing with us - the connection between wave and surfer is unique and breathtaking! Give it a go - you will love it if you have always liked the water and life on the beach. Surfing is an ambitious sport but is connected to a chilled-out lifestyle. It is all about having fun.

** Surf lessons: **The surf instructors are educated in both surf practice as well as theory and are trained in first aid and water rescue. They offer you their knowledge and help you with tips and tricks on land and in the water.

** We offer:**- 15 hours of surfing lessons, women only, theory and practice (English/ German)

  • Max. 8 people per course
  • Qualified and competent mentoring from licensed surf teachers
  • Video Analysis
  • Surf material during your stay
  • 3 yoga sessions

Yoga: Four times a week we will offer one hour of yoga. The lesson will give you an introduction to yoga and is especially targeted at surfers. Many pro-surfers and more and more soul surfers realize that yoga and surfing are the perfect team. Pro-surfer Rochelle Ballard said: "I think that the combination of power and flexibility is briliant as well the effect it has on your mind". When we are surfing we use certain muscle groups which we can relax again after surfing during the yoga sessions. Yoga also helps to focus your mind. You will master your fears because you can face them with ease and energy. Yoga combines power, body tension, mobility, flexibility, balance, calmness, peace and a strong mind. Components which we need in the line-up while catching waves

Portugal: Portugal is always worth a trip. From the capital Lisbon with its rich culture and the stunning landscapes to the most beautiful beaches on the coast. Our WaveSisters Surfcamp is located on the seaside of Lisbon just on the other side of the Tejo in Costa da Caparica. You will find a nice climate in spring, summer and autumn, ideal to enjoy the sun and the good life. Come along and enjoy the waves, the happiness of yoga and a "Galão" café with a Pastel de Natas (traditional cream cake) with us and other like-minded people.

Costa da Caparica: Costa da Caparica or now just called „Costa“ by the portugiese, is becoming more and more popular -not only by surfers- and is considered THE beach in Lisbon area. South of Costa, still the same beach, after 10km, the natural park „Arriba Fósssil da Costa da Caparica“ starts and has another 20km of beach and an unspoiled forest inland.
Best weather, perfect waves with relaxed athmosphere, plenty of space in stunning nature are all reasons for us to move our camp to Costa. The special flair of Costa also comes from the long promenade with plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants to have beautiful sunsets and chill outs.

Lisbon: There’s too much to tell about Lisbon to really start here. But we give you very quick overview: The city was built on seven hills. Capital of Portugal, rich in culture and sights. The oldest district, the "Alfama", with its little streets and places is home to the famous "Fado" bars. The "barrio alto" is the center for young people and full of little shops, restaurants and plenty of bars and night life. The "barrio baixa" the real centre of the city invites to stroll, shop and enjoy Portuguese traditions.

Write us an enquiry with the time period you desire. We will reply immediately and are happy to answer all your questions. Hope to see you soon - your Wavesisters team!

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Mar 23 - Oct 28
  • Yoga inclusive
  • Near airport
  • Near spot
  • Group offers
  • Adult camp
  • Child care
  • Near beach
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Avenida Movimento das Forcas Armadas 19
2825-329 Costa da Caparica

Dates & Prices

WaveSisters will be in Costa da Caparica, near Lisbon, Portugal, from March to November.
Off season we offer our Surfhouse in Costa Caparica for rent - to female or male surfers. You can also receive private classes. Ask us for prices!
We also offer surf courses on Lanzarote and in France.

The surf courses run from weekend to weekend in Portugal. If you would like to arrive or leave on another day than on a weekend day please let us know beforehand. The surf lessons are taking place from Monday to Friday.

Surfcamp for adults - 445€ - 495€ per week
accommodation: 7 nights, 2 beds per room
surf lessons: 15h praxis, theory, material
Yoga lessons 3 x 1.5h
Place in the Surfvan

Surfcamp for kids - 395€ - 445€ per week
accommodation: 7 nights, 2 beds per room
surf lessons: praxis, theory, about 20h and material or childcare during time of surfing
Place in the Surfvan


Extension discount
Book a second week and get a 20€ discount.

Group Discount:
If you are travelling in a group of more than 4 WaveSisters you are getting a discount of 15% off your booking. Just name your friends when you book and you will get the discount.

Only one discount applies with each booking.

Surfcamp Adults Surfcamp Kids
23.03.2019 14.07.2019 445€ 395€
13.07.2019 22.09.2019 495€ 445€
21.09.2019 27.10.2019 445€ 395€
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