SaltyWay - surf climb Portugal

SaltyWay - surf climb Portugal

knowledge gives you security and security allows you to have fun in the ocean or mountains of Portugal

Here at SaltyWay we are passionate about surfing and climbing, and want to share our knowledge, stoke and enthusiasm with you in this enchanting corner of Portugal, the Serra de Sintra.

SaltyWay is a professional yet fun filled adult surf and climbing camp. Our aim is that by the end of your stay you’ve not only had a memorable holiday and subsequently addicted to adventure sports but you’ve acquired the knowledge, ability and confidence to pursue these sports independently of an instructor in the future. Learning is active, the lodging relaxed, and all goes down with a small group of fun loving likeminded people.
If you have children, you can bring them along and let them share classes or we take care if them while you enjoy the sport. Generally our groups are formed of people around 30 years old.

In addition to these sports you’ll have the opportunity to relax and recover with our weekly yoga sessions and soak up Portugal’s bohemian culture and fascinating history in nearby Sintra and Lisbon. Your time at SaltyWay it's your holiday so, it's all about having fun. Don’t worry if you’re used to waves of a smaller size or you’re a complete beginner there’s something for you. We will always choose conditions to suit your level and comfort zone, we never throw people in at the deep end.

The SaltyWay house is strategically located equal distance from the Sintra mountains and the Atlantic ocean. You’ll be right in the heart of nature and the action whether you’re here to surf or climb. The house is comfortable, clean and cosy with a chilled out communal vibe. It’s the perfect spot to unwind, eat together and trade stories after the day’s adventures. The location
The house is beautifully situated off the beaten track, right in the heart of nature. We enjoy the tranquility of the Serra 24/7, a silent nights' sleep and early surf wake ups with the birds. We cook together or go for a nice meal in on of the nearby restaurants. What's more, we are just a short walk (12 minutes) and a breathtaking descent down to Praia Grande, via a set of steps famed for its prehistoric dinosaur footprints.
The SaltyWay house comfortably accommodates 10-12 guests, is a blend of typical Portuguese style furnishings with a cosy and intimate surf vibe. Our 3 rooms are for 2 or 6 persons, are clean, functional, furnished in a modest style, have Wifi access, towels & linen. We have double, single or bunk beds, and can provide girls only rooms if required. The House provides two bathrooms with showers. We can also accommodate our rooms for families. We are fortunate enough to have a good-sized garden and chill out area with BBQ facilities and an outside shower. It’s the perfect spot for BBQs, sunset beers, sunbathing, afternoon yoga or chilling out in a hammock with a book.

A key ingredient to our activity holidays is the ‘togetherness’ of the group. We believe living together builds an unbreakable bond during and even after the holiday. We encourage communal shopping and cooking, and provide a modern kitchen and living areas that are equipped accordingly. In fact, over the years the best evenings have definitely been when the group cook together and share a few glasses of local wine and tales from the day’s adventures. Cafe and Tee is provided at all times.

From Monday to Friday, our highly qualified, experienced and motivating surf instructor will take you to the surf spots or to the best place to climb of the day. We are always searching in the best conditions and use top of the range equipment. Each surf or climb session is taught in a fun, no pressure manner and is adapted to the personal needs of each and every guest. The surf or climb session also goes hand in hand with daily theory lessons. At SaltyWay we believe “knowledge gives you security and security allows you to have fun!”

Within 5 days, it is our aim show you the secrets of surfing and bring the waves closer to you. Whether a complete beginner or confident surfer we have a package to suit everyone and every age! In our Step-Up surf package we will have you reading and riding real waves independently of an instructor.
We guarantee one surf a day with the instructor but often squeeze a second free surf session in if conditions allow and/or if the group agrees. You may also take your board and wetsuit during the free time or on the weekends for a solo session. What’s more, at least once a week we offer video analysis sessions, which is by far the most effective way of improving your surfing. We surf in small groups of 6 so as to keep the teaching personal, the vibe intimate and not overcrowd the surf spots.
We offer different package for advanced surfers such as a step-up week -to learn the duck dive and to glide on green waves, the free surfer/climber week - please book your own rental car or the SURFari - to join the ride with the course to the beach of the day.

Becoming a climber, the journey starts here! We offer an intensive 5 days of climbing led by our highly qualified and contagiously enthusiastic guides committed to your enjoyment and progression. Independent of your level we will take your climbing to the next level, at a variety of beautiful spots in the Serra or by the Ocean.
Each climbing session is taught by our experienced and highly motivated guides and goes hand in hand with daily theory lessons. So whatever your level we will provide the practical and theoretical know how in order to take you to the next level. We climb in small groups of 4 so as to keep the teaching personal, the vibe intimate and not overcrowd the climbing spots. If you are eager for more and wish to climb during your free time, then we recommend you bring along your bouldering mat and go to one of the many nearby bouldering sectors.

Finally we have two 1hr30 yoga sessions a week to complement your surfing or climbing. The yoga will not only improve your balance and offer a welcomed relief to sore muscles from all the sport but a chance to refocus and settle your mind after the adrenaline of the day.

A typical week
A SaltyWay surf holiday is a 5-day course from Monday to Friday. Each day is neatly divided into half a day of surfing/climbing and surf/ climb theory, and half a day of free time. A Yoga sessions will also take place on two of these days.

Since we are committed to taking you surfing in the best conditions the day’s schedule is flexible and will change accordingly. For example, the half-day of surfing and theory may take place in the morning or afternoon depending on the tides and the winds.

We can suggest an endless list of fun and fascinating things to do in the area, but since each group is different we let you decide what you would most like to do.
In the past the following activities have been particularly popular: Sightseeing Sintra, Lisbon or Cascais, Beach volleyball, Wine tasting, Sunset beers, BBQ, Restaurant with Fado music, Massage or try a half day to climb/surf.

By the same token, you may wish to just chill out on your own with a book, either way, there is no pressure and the decision is all yours.

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Double room, Multi room, Appartment
Spoken Languages:
German, English, Portuguese, Spanish
Max group size:
Max course size:
Open From/To:
Mar 03 - Jul 31, Jul 14 - Sep 30, Sep 01 - Dec 31
  • Yoga inclusive
  • Free
  • Near airport
  • Shuttle service
  • Near spot
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Estrada do Rodízio
2705-340 Colares

Dates & Prices SaltyWay Surfcamp Portugal

SaltyWay Prizes:

Surf camp Course:
7 nights, 5 half a day of surf lessons, material rental, 2x1.5h Yoga, coffee, tea and Pick up from Sintra and transfer to the spots

Climbing camp course:
7 nights, 5 half a day of climbing lessons, material rental, 2x1.5h Yoga, coffee, tea and Pick up from Sintra and transfer to the spots

Surf and Climbing:
7 nights, 3 half a day of surf lessons and 2 half a day climbing lessons, material rental, 2x1.5h Yoga, coffee, tea and Pick up from Sintra and transfer to the spots

7 nights, material rental, 2x1.5h Yoga, coffee, tea and Pick up from Sintra and transfer to the spots

Step-Up surf:
7 nights, 2 half a day of advanced surf lessons, material rental, 2x1.5h Yoga, coffee, tea and Pick up from Sintra and transfer to the spots

Free surfer / Free climber:
7 nights, coffee, tea

7 nights, child care or join in at the fun, material rental, 2x1.5h Yoga, coffee, tea and Pick up from Sintra and transfer to the spots

Make the world a better place and plant a tree with us for extra 10€ for your carbon offset.

10% discount on a group of 4 or more.
20€ discount if this is your second time at SaltWay.
20€ discount when booking for two weeks.
* Only one discount is applicable on each booking

Spring/ Autumn from 19.March to 16. July and from 9. September to 08. January
First Week Extra Week
rome of 6 rome of 2 rome of 6 rome of 2
Surf camp Course 425 481 405 461
Climbing camp course 475 531 455 511
Surf and Climbing 455 511 435 491
Surfari 285 341 265 321
Step-Up surf 365 421 345 401
Free surfer / climber 210 266 190 246
Kids 425 481 405 461
Summer from 15 July to 30.September
First Week Extra Week
rome of 6 rome of 2 rome of 6 rome of 2
Surf camp Course 485 541 465 521
Climbing camp course 535 591 515 571
Surf and Climbing 515 571 495 551
Surfari 345 401 325 381
Step-Up surf 425 481 405 461
Free surfer / climber 270 326 250 306
Kids 485 541 465 521
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