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Pro Surf Morocco offers you unique and unforgettable surf holidays in one of the world’s greatest surfing destinations!


Pro Surf Morocco’s main locations are in Tamraght and Banana Village in the south of Morocco, just a short drive to the north of Agadir. Perfect waves of the Atlantic Ocean, 300 days sunshine a year, endless summers, shimmering sand and a colorful country that is rich in culture – all that is Morocco. It’s a real surfing paradise all year long with magnificent surf in winter and nice playful surf in summer. With years of professional surf experience, we’ll take you to the best surf locations to bring you unforgettable life-long memories.

Surf course/ Surf guiding

Whether you are a surf beginner, an intermediate surfer, a pro surfer, a surfer girl or a whole family we will offer you the best surf coaching or guiding package for your needs.

Accommodation/The Pro Surf Morocco Guest House

Our Surf House is located in the hills of Tamraght overlooking the village and the ocean. With its two ocean view terraces it's a great place to relax and to enjoy holidays.

We are offering double rooms, one 4 bed room and one 6 bed room in this new, clean and comfortable house. All rooms have shared bathrooms. Wi-Fi is available in all areas and is free of charge.

The Surf House is only 5 minutes away from the main road’s bus stop to Taghazout (5 minutes by bus) and Agadir (20 minutes by bus). It’s also really easy to walk to the beach of Imourane with famous surf spots Devils Rock, Spiders and CroCro, this will take you only 15 minutes.

A typical Day with Pro Surf Morocco

After a long sleep, we start the day early or late, depending on the tide and conditions. The team will make the car ready, with the surfboards on the roof. When we are on the road, we choose the perfect surfspot for the day. Sometimes it will be the beach in front of the house and sometimes we need to drive further to find the perfect waves.

Arrived at the beach, we start with our warm-up and stretching. After that, the instructors will explain you something about surfing. You will practice in the sand how to stand up and have the perfect position on your board. If that’s going well, you are ready to surf the real waves. You get two hours of surf lessons, in which the teacher will push you in the wave and give you useful tips. You will learn how to recognize the best waves, how to paddle and, best for last, to ride the wave. In the mean time the team will make some pictures of the surfing. Back in the house we will analyze your position on the surfboard.

When the first surf session is finished, the lunch is ready to be eaten. You can enjoy your lunch in the sun and relax on the beach. Before we leave you can have your second surf session. It is a free surf but the instructors will still give you some tips. Around four we start packing to leave the beach. Time to go home!


Moroccan food is not like any other. We use a lot of spices and every meal is a banquet. In the house we start the day with a good breakfast, because you will need a good basis for a long surfday. The breakfast includes some nice fruits, Moroccan breads, fresh shakes and an omelette or a pancake. After the first surfsession we have our lunch on the beach - Everyday something else. Back home after a long beachday, we relax with some typical Moroccan tea and cookies and watch the beautiful sunset on the rooftop of the house.

In the mean time the dinner will be cooked. If it is ready you can enjoy a delicious Moroccan meal and eat it in the traditionel way (all from the same plate). If you are a vegatarien there will be a vegetarian meal for you. One night there will be a barbecue with some fresh fish. After dinner there is a nice dessert with a fire to keep us warm.


Our surf camp, surf school and surf equipment hire are run by a friendly, experienced and passionate team, which would love to make your surf holidays be the best holiday experience you’ve ever had.

Send us your enquiry we’re more than happy to help you with any questions you may have. Hope to see you soon!

Your Pro Surf Morocco Team

Pro Surf Morocco

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80750 TaghazoutBay, Agadir


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