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Surfcamp France WaveSisters: This year we would also like to spend the summer with you in France on the beach, in the water and in the line-up. We have selected Carcans-Plage because the place offers maximum relaxation as well as the perfect conditions to surf and enjoy. Carcans-Plage is a little oasis for surfing and spending a holiday directly on the seaside which offers everything you need. The village has managed to maintain its original charm and has not been altered by mass tourism. Our WaveSisters surfcamp is just 60 km from the traditional French town of Bordeaux. You will be living in modern wooden chalets right in the middle of a pine forest directly next to the dunes and the ocean. You can book our surf course on a weekly basis. Arrival and departure day is Saturday. Our surf courses are starting on Sunday and run until Thursday. You can join us on Fridays for independent surfing or other activities.
What our surfcamp offers: - About 20 hours of surf lessons (theory and practice) incl. surf material

  • 3x1.5 hour yoga lessons
  • Accommodation in chalets 7 nights, 2-3 beds per room Accommodation Surfcamp France: In the WaveSisters surfcamp in Carcans-Plage you will be accommodated in nice newly-built chalets.The wodden chalets have 2 bedrooms, a cosy living room, a fully-equipped kitchen, 2 bathroom, terrace and a lot of space around them. The chalets are self-catering. You can cook together or go out as a big group to eat in one of the nearby restaurants. Supermarkets, shops and restaurants are just about 100 metres away from our surfcamp in the center of Carcans-Plage. The house is within 300 metres of the beach. The surfcamp is located in the middle of a pine forest. You will find a lot of space around the accommodations to have a barbecue and to enjoy the outside yoga sessions. If you have a hammock feel welcome to bring it - there is nothing better than to relax in a hammock after a good day of surfing and sunshine.

We offer: - Chalets for up to 15 WaveSisters, 2/3 beds per room

  • Shared kitchen, living room, bathroom, terrace, garden
  • Single Room upon request for a supplement of 100€ Surfing;: Experience pure joy while surfing with us - the connection between wave and surfer is unique and breathtaking! Give it a go - you will love it if you have always liked the water and life on the beach. Surfing is an ambitious sport but is connected to a chilled-out lifestyle. It is all about having fun.

Surf lessons: The surf instructors are educated in both surf practice as well as theory and are trained in first aid and water rescue. They offer you their knowledge and help you with tips and tricks on land and in the water.

Surf Course - 20 hours of surfing lessons, women only, theory and practice (English/German)

  • Max. 8 people per course
  • 3 yoga sessions
  • Qualified and competent mentoring from licensed surf teachers
  • Video analysis
 and Surfmaterial during your stay 

We offer the course on a weekly basis. All other activities like yoga and day trips will be organized around the surf schedule. Surfing comes first! We recommend to come for at least two weeks to learn how to surf and to really take in the experience. Surfing is an amazing sport and a lot of your progress comes right down to the amount of time spent in the water and the waves. In some exceptions the surf lessons can be booked on a day to day basis.

Surfari: The Surfari is the perfect option for girls and women who already have some experience in the water and who would like to spend their holiday with like-minded people. We will give you an introduction to the surf spots and assist you with our own experiences in the waves of our location. If you want to you are welcome to use the boards and material of WaveSisters. You can join all other activities besides the surf course.

Yoga: Four times a week we will offer one hour of yoga. The lesson will give you an introduction to yoga and is especially targeted at surfers.
Many pro-surfers and more and more soul surfers realize that yoga and surfing are the perfect team. Pro-surfer Rochelle Ballard said: "I think that the combination of power and flexibility is briliant as well the effect it has on your mind". hen we are surfing we use certain muscle groups which we can relax again after surfing during the yoga sessions. Yoga also helps to focus your mind. You will master your fears because you can face them with ease and energy. Yoga combines power, body tension, mobility, flexibility, balance, calmness, peace and a strong mind. Components which we need in the line-up while catching waves. Yoga is included in the WaveSisters camp price.

France: The southwest of France, Aquitaine, is famous for its 300 km long sandy beach and one of the biggest connected woodlands in Europe. The forest offers many lakes and lagoons and plays a major role in the local climate. In the south there are Bayonne and Biarritz and in the north you will find the beautiful French city of Bordeaux. West of Bordeaux is the Medoc region, one of the most famous wine areas in France, which is said to enjoy the highest amount of sunshine hours in the country. Medoc is surrounded by the river Gironde and the lake Arcachon with the biggest sand dune in the world "Dune de Pilar".

Carcans-Plage: Carcans-Plage where our surfcamp is located is right next to the ocean in the heart of the Medoc area. The small lovely village offers shopping facilities, restaurants and bars for surfers and sunbathers. As well as lots of places to eat, drink and socialise Carcans-Plage also has a lot of quiet spots. The surrounding forest invites you to explore on foot or by bike. On the beach you can walk for hours and will find less and less people. 3 kilometres further inland you will get to the village Maubuisson. The village lies on the shores of a lake and has a Mediterranean flair with all its sailing boats and yachts. If you follow the coastline for 5 kilometres you will reach Lacanau, one of the most popular holiday destinations of  the Medoc region. Lacanau offers night life, restaurants, bars and shopping facilities.

Spots & Climate: Aquitaine is known by surfers for its multitude of quality waves along the 300 km beach. Our WaveSisters surfcamp is located on the most beautiful section. The waves break along this sandy beach and are perfectly suited for surfers from beginners right up to advanced. The sand banks are constantly changing from high tide to low tide - it is always worth checking up or down the beach for waves that perfectly suit you. Hossegore is just down the road and plays host to the World Championship Tour in September.
Summer: The waves in summer are perfect for you to learn how to surf and enjoy the time in the water. The water surrounding our surf spot in the Medoch area has a nice temperature with 17 to 22 degrees. The air has an average temperature of 25 degrees. You should be feeling comfortable in a 2/3 mm Wetsuit. On warm days we even surf without the wetsuit in our shorts and bikinis.

Crowds: France can be quite crowded during the main holiday months July and August because the coastline provides the perfect conditions for surfing and spending a holiday. That is why you can find a bit of a crowd in the line-up behind the waves. That is easily avoided by walking a few yards away from the area where the beach is directly accessed from the roads. Even in high season you are able to find a quiet spot on the beach and in the water.

Winter: The waves are getting bigger in winter time and make the surf a lot more challenging. The water temperature is falling to around 12 degrees and the air can get crispy cold. We are off in the winter to enjoy the tropical temperatures in our Surfcamp of the Canary Islands.

Getting there: There are different ways to get to our WaveSisters surfcamp in France. Below you can see a few suggestions how to  travel.
Car: One of the best ways to get to our surfcamp because you are independent on your journey as well as while you are staying with us. Please check with us if you would be interested in other girls sharing the ride. We are happy to forward your details and bring you together with other surfer girls. It is also an option to search for a lift to Bordeaux or alternatively one of the beaches nearby in one the surf forums or on car sharing pages like Blablacar, Carpooling or Mitfahrzentrale.
Plane: The airport of Bordeaux is not that big and therefore sometimes you have to fly via Paris. Becareful when you book the flight because sometimes you will have to change airports in Paris which takes time and nerves. We have listed a few airlines and websites below - there are other airlines depending on your place of departure therefore it is always worth comparing.
Germanwings, Opodo, Easyjet, Lufthansa, Air Berlin, Ryanair, Norwegian, SAS, Solfaktor, British Airways, KLM. Condor
From the airport in Bordeaux you can take the Jet'Bus which leaves every 45 minutes to get to Bordeaux bus station (50 min) or to Meringnac (20 min). Then take one of the regional buses. (see below).
Coach: From many cities coaches like Eurolines leave towards Bordeaux. It can be a cheaper option to get to our surfcamp but requires some time. The regional buses leave from the main bus station (Gare Saint Jean) in Bordeaux towards Carcans-Plage. You can take bus number 710 which goes directly to Carcans-Plage and leaves 3 times a day. Alternatively you can take bus number 702 to Lacanau-Ocean which leaves about every 3 hours. The journey costs about 22€ return. If needed, transfer from the bus station Lacanau-Ocean contact us.

Train: A comfortable option is to travel by train to Bordeaux. It is also quick and economical which is why we offer you an eco discount. From Bordeaux you continue your journey by bus to Carcans-Plage.

Dates & Prices
WaveSisters will be in France from 31th May 2014 until 27th September 2014. We also offer surf courses on Lanzarote and in Portugal.
The surfcamp in France always starts on a Saturday and also ends on the Saturday. The surf lessons are taking place from Sunday until Thursday. If you arrive or leave on another day please let us know beforehand. The surf courses and our Surfaris require a minimum of 3 people.

Surfcamp from 445€ to 495€ - About 20 hours of surf lessons (theory and practice), incl. surf material

  • 3x1.5 hour yoga lessons
  • Accommodation in Chalets 7 nights, 2/3 beds per room
  • If needed, transfer from the bus station Lacanau-Ocean

Surfari from 335€ to 385€ - Accommodation in Chalets 7 nights, 2/3 beds per room

  • Surf material
  • 3x1.5 hours yoga lessons
  • If needed, transfer from the bus station Lacanau-Ocean Kids from 395€ to 455€ - Surf lessons ( incl. surf material) or childcare during course times for about 20 hours
  • Accommodation in chalets 7 nights, 2/3 beds per room
  • If needed, transfer from the bus station Lacanau-Ocean


Extension discount
Book a second week and get a 20€ discount. 
Group Discount: If you are travelling in a group of more than 4 WaveSisters you are getting a discount of 15% off your booking. Just name your friends when you book and you will get the discount. Only one discount applies with each booking.

Kids: If you want to learn how to surf but you don't know what to do with your kids? - No problem! Just bring them along. We are happy to meet your younger and older kids. Women have children and that is why we are prepared for them.  
Childcare: WaveSisters offers the possibility to look after kids from 3 years on during course times. For four to five hours a day we play and splash around with the kids. Depending on the weather we go outside or stay inside. The childcare can also be used by mothers who have booked the Surfari.

Surf course for Kids: For kids from 6 years onwards and for good swimmers only. In the surf course we show the kids the ocean with its waves and teach them to surf or bodyboard. No pressure and no expectations - the most important thing is to have fun in the water. We will stay in shallow water so that the kids will be able to stand at all times during the course. We offer a special price for kids (3 - 15 years).

France offer optimal conditions for you to learn surfing in summertime for beginners and intermediate surfers. Write us an enquiry with the time period you desire. We will reply immediately and are happy to answer all your questions. Hope to see you soon!

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Rue de la Forêt
33121 Carcans-Plage

<strong>Dates & Prices</strong>

About 20 hours of surf lessons (theory and practice), incl. surf material
4x1 hour yoga lessons
Accommodation in house 7 nights, 2-3 beds per room
If needed, transfer from the bus station Lacanau-Ocean

Accommodation in house 7 nights, 2-3 beds per room
Surf material
4 hours yoga lessons
If needed, transfer from the bus station Lacanau-Ocean

Surf lessons ( incl. surf material) or childcare during course times for about 20 hours
Accommodation in house 7 nights, 2-3 beds per room
If needed, transfer from the bus station Lacanau-Ocean

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