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Many European surfers caught their first wave in Mimizan and that has it’s reasons. The waves in Mimizan in summer time are great for every surfer whether you are novice or advanced. The Surflife founder and the crew are all surfers themselves so the surf spirit on the O’Neill Surfcamp Mimizan is legendary. You will meet new people really fast! At the surf camp we have a big surf Chill Out, lounge and hammock-areas, a Musical Open Mike, Live Bands, guitarists, Cocktail party’s, professional surf lessons, an O’Neill Surf Contest, beach volleyball, the best surfboards, bodyboards, skimboards, SUP boards and Durkes skate longboards (for free!) and delicious meals.

Mimizan-Plage is located on the French Atlantic coast and has beautiful sandy beaches, high dunes and behind them lies a fantastic surf village. Here you can go wild at Bar Le Surf, Pura Vida Surfbar and off course the sparkling nightclub Bar Americain. There are also many fun surf shops in the center, a bazaar, cocktail bars and many good restaurants such as La Pizze, Le Pit, l’Orchestra and L’Ile de Malte.

Come and enjoy a Surflife Summer at the O’Neill Surfcamp Mimizan!

O’Neill Surfcamp Mimizan offers professional surf lessons by experienced, passionate and qualified surf teachers who will teach you all surfing skills. Surfing is a relatively difficult sport that requires a lot of patience and good instructions. If you take surf lessons you can accelerate the learning process immensely. This way you will learn the basics of surfing in a few days time! This definitely increases your surfing pleasure! So do not hesitate, book surfing lessons at O’Neill Surfcamp Mimizan and learn or improve your surfing!

Whether you are an experienced or novice surfer, we have surfboards for everyone! The packages are available with or without a surfing lessons. There are 4 different surf packages:

  • Surf Package A: With this package you can use all of our surf boards, body boards & skim boards. Price: € 50, – per person per week
  • Surf Package B: This package consists of one theory lesson of 1 hour and 2 x 2 hours practical training and includes use of all surf, body and skimboards. Price: € 95, – per person per week
  • Surf Package C:This package consists of one theory lesson of 1 hour and 4 x 2 hours practical training and includes use of all surf, body and skimboards. Price: € 125, – per person per week
  • Surf Package D: Have you ever previously had surfing lessons? Book our refresh lesson of 2 hours including a week-long use of all surf, body and skim boards. Price: € 80, – per person per week.

At O’Neill Surfcamp Mimizan you can rent wetsuits. If you book lessons a wetsuit is even mandatory. We have the best O’Neill shorty wetsuits (short sleeves and short legs) for € 25, – per week (payable locally. You cannot book in advance). There are men and women wetsuits in all sizes.

We have surfboards in all sizes, from short boards (6.7 ft) and mini Malibus (7.6 ft and 8 ft) to longboards (9 ft and 10 ft). Our surfboards are all good brands such as NSP, South Point, BIC, Surftech and Victory. Also we have a very large number of soft top surf boards that are perfect for surf lessons and novice surfers. At your disposal are also body boards with fins and several skim boards.

You can even borrow Durkes skate longboards every day for free!


We have a large kitchen tent where you can cook yourself on our stoves and you can also borrow some pots and pans.
A good idea also is our Meal Package. Our chef cooks on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday a delicious 3-course meal with fresh products. So you can get a pasta bolognese, the best surf burgers, a rice curry meal and a huge final surf BBQ with drinks! This meal package cost only € 40, – per person for 4 nights.

We also offer a breakfast buffet. So no more shopping early morning but a nice prepared breakfast with: fresh bread, various spreads, eggs, cereal, milk and orange juice, and every day a surprise. From Sunday to Friday for € 25, – per person!

You can book ahead for these meals. But you can also book with your arrival on site!

During the week various activities are organized for which you can register on site.
We start on Sunday with a great Cocktail Night followed by our famous pub crawl.
On Monday, we want to hear and see musical talent at our Open Mike. Tuesday night we are sure you have enough energy for our fantastic Camp Party.
On Wednesday we do a daytrip to the beautiful Spanish town of San Sebastian, where you can eat delicious tapas and drink the best rosado’s and sangria.
Thursday night: Our weekly ‘Party du Surflife’ where everybody goes totally wild with our DJ’s and live bands.

Friday there is the O’Neill Surf Contest. Show your surf skills and win O’Neill prizes. So every day there you can experience something else!
We put up a beach volley court every day on the beach and there are frisbee’s and beach balls available. On the camp site you can play beach volleyball, football, basketball, table tennis, or play a French game of ‘Jeu de Boules’.

The O’Neill Surfcamp Mimizan is situated on the ‘Camping de la Plage’ on the French Atlantic coast. Our surf camp is located within walking distance of the village of Mimizan-Plage and the ocean. We have a separate and spacious place on the camp site the atmosphere in the camp is always great so you get to know new people really fast.
The toilet facilities are well maintained and the hot showers are free. The campsite has a reception area and there are several shops, including a bakery, an internet shop and a supermarket. On site is also a good WIFI connection.

At the O’Neill Surfcamp Mimizan there is a fantastic Surf Chill Out with lounge sofas on which you can enjoy a good surf video or live guitar music. Next to the lounge there are several shade tents with tables and benches to eat and socialize. Our surf camp crew consists of cooks, surf teachers, DJs, guitarists and dishwashers and all are waiting for you to offer you an unforgettable surf holiday!

You will be accommodated in spacious 2- or 4-person tents where you can stand upright in. Each tent is equipped with comfortable inflatable mattresses in the sleeping cabins. Included is also an inventory package which consist of a cool box with plates, cutlery and mugs. Bring with you: Sleeping bag, possibly a (inflatable) pillow and a flashlight.

In the high season (3rd of July till the 10th of August), you can also upgrade your accommodation to DELUXE. You will stay at around 75 meters away from the big surf camp where we rent out large 4- and 2-person tents. Besides larger tents, you also get a light and electricity in your tent and table and chairs in front. Each camping spot gives room to 6 people (a 2- and a 4-person tent).

Write us an enquiry with the time period you desire. We will reply immediately and are happy to answer all your questions. Hope to see you soon - your Surflife team!

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Boulevard de l'Atlantique 18
40200 Mimizan-plage

PRICES 2017 (per person) SURFLIFE | O'Neill Surfcamp Mimizan

– 7 nights accommodation at O’Neill Surfcamp Mimizan;
– Campingmaterials: bungalowtent (2- or 4-persons), inflatable sleeping mat, cooler filled with plates, cups and cutlery;
– Fully equipped Surf Chill Out;
– Use of all Surf Camp facilities;
– International crew.

– Extent your stay with another week for just € 185,- per person;
– Upgrade to our Deluxe tents (electricity, table and chairs, on a separate camping spot) for only € 25,- per person per week;


  • Surfpackage A; 7 days use of surfing materials € 50,- (extra week € 45,- per week);
  • Surfpackage B; 7 days use of surfing materials + surf lessons (1x theorie and 2 x 1,5h) € 95,-;
  • Surfpackage C; 7 days use of surfing materials + surf lessons (1x theorie and 4 x 1,5h) € 125,-;
  • Surfpackage D; 7 days use of surfing materials + refresh surf lesson (1x theorie and 1 x 2h intermediairs/gevorderden) € 80,-;

There is a possibility to rent O’Neill wetsuit (shorty) for € 25,- pppw;


  • Halfboard: 6 days healthy breakfastbuffet(su-fr) and 4 nights delicious diners buffet for € 65,- per person;
  • Healthy breakfastbuffet from sunday till friday for € 25,- per person;
  • Delicious dinerbuffet (4 times) for € 40,- per person;

At site you can subscribe for the following activities:

  • Cocktail party & pub-crawl;
  • Sangrianight & open-mic;
  • Campparty;
  • Citytrip to San Sebastian (spain);
  • Mimizan Dance Party
  • O’Neill Surfcontest (with O’Neill prices).


  • Pick-up possible from Bordeax and Biarritz airport and Labouheyre translation (contact for rates)


  • Booking fee € 24,- per booking;
  • Deposit € 40,- and campingcontribution € 10,- per person to be paid onsite.

If you have any questions or concerns about the matter above, please do not hesitate to contact us through calling +31 (0)85-0031234 or send a mail to

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2-personstent occupied with 2 € 210,- € 210,- € 210,- € 210,- € 220,- € 230,- € 260,- € 260,- € 260,- € 260,- € 230,- € 210,- € 120,-
2-personstent occupied with 1 € 270,- € 270,- € 270,- € 270,- € 300,- € 310,- € 340,- € 340,- € 340,- € 340,- € 310,- € 290,- € 200,-


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