LANZASURF Surf Camp and Yoga Lanzarote

LANZASURF Surf School & Yoga Camp Lanzarote

365 days a year - Surf Courses, Surf Safaris and Yoga for all levels in Famara Beach!

Welcome to LANZASURF Surf Camp in Famara, Lanzarote, Canary Islands!

Join our family for an unforgettable surfing week with us. We will take you to the best spots so you can learn surfing or improve your level, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer. Here the weather is nice and sunny year round and the water is crystal clear and warm - Welcome to Paradise!

Our philosophy

"The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun" - Duke Kahanamoku. At Lanzasurf we believe surfing is all about sharing exhilarating moments together in the ocean, regardless of your background, age, and skills.

The Location

Our surf center is located in the beautiful fishing village of Famara, on the north shore of Lanzarote. Lanzarote forms part of the Canary Islands, Spanish islands located a 2-hour flight from mainland Spain, and 3-to-4 hours flight from major European cities. The currency is Euro and no visa is needed for visitors from the European Union. Lanzarote seems to have stopped in time: it is an incredibly safe place, away from the crowds and the madness of the city. Here everyone leaves their house doors open and their car keys on while they go shopping. There is absolutely no dangerous fauna or flora.

In the last few years Famara has become the place to be for numerous surfers from all over the globe, who have come to check out the best beach and reef breaks of the island known as the “European Hawaii”. In spite of this affluence, Famara has remained 100% authentic with its sandy streets, its harbor and promenade, and its white houses. The village has a strong surfing vibe; everyone is very laid back and relaxed, the locals are open and friendly and you will make friendships in no time. You will find a variety of bars, restaurants and grocery shops all within short walking distance of the surf house.

Famara beach is a stunning 6-km long stretch of sand and dunes surrounded by volcanic mountains, only a few minutes' walk from Famara village. It is a truly spectacular and unique setting for surfing, with a variety of peaks adapted to all levels. The water is warm, clear, and full of tropical fish which you will be able to observe going snorkeling in as little as 1-meter deep waters.

Our Surf Center is located in Famara Bungalows right by the beach. This is where we will meet everyday to get equipped and directly walk down to the surf spot, away from the crowds.

Our teaching system

We bring all our passion and our experience of teaching into our surf classes, and we pride ourselves on doing things differently. Lessons are tailored to your level and to the wind and swell conditions of the day. We do not hesitate to travel to different spots in our Lanzasurf van in search of optimal conditions. In addition to the practical aspect of the course in the water, all our classes include theoretical explanations on the ocean, wave formation, rip currents, safety rules, life saving techniques, the history of surf, surfing in championships, board shaping and many other subjects so you can build your knowledge of the surfing world. We also use longboard skating to work on specific technical aspects of surfing such as carving, using the rails, flexion/extension etc.

Technical subjects usually covered in a 1-week surf camp include position on the board, paddling technique, handling white water, take-off techniques, timing, position on the wave, getting to the line-up, turtle-roll, wave selection, reading the wave, following the wave, basic turns, handling different types of waves (slow, fast, beach break, reef break…). For intermediate and advanced levels we cover subjects such as riding the face of the wave, duck-diving, maneuvers, riding bigger waves, perfecting your style etc., and we offer Surf Safaris to various spots of the island. We always teach in small groups with a maximum ratio of 6 students per instructor, to offer you personalized attention at all times.

Our instructors are professional lifeguards and are qualified by the Canary Islands, Spanish, British and International Surfing Associations. They are also local surfers and are recognized amongst Lanzarote’s surfing community as some of the very best surfers on the island. But most importantly, they are dedicated professionals with a passion for teaching surf, and they will do everything in their power to make you have the time of your life. We use high-quality equipment adapted to your level, with the possibility to change boards throughout the course as you progress.

By the end of the surf camp your surfing level will have gone up a big step, and you will have had such a great time that your only goal will be to come back for more as soon as possible!

Yoga Lessons

Lanzarote has a lot to offer if you are up for more after the surf day. For Yoga fans we offer Yoga Sessions after each day of surf. The Yoga sessions are designed specifically to complement the practice of surfing, with a lot of stretching, core strength exercices working especially on the back, shoulders and abdominals, balance, breathing exercices to improve your lung capacity, and meditation to increase your concentration in the water. Yoga classes will also enable you to fully relax and reconnect with yourself, making the most of Famara's amazing natural surroundings.

Yoga classes include elements of Kundalini, Hatha, Vinyasa, Aerial etc. and the content of the class varies every day.
Classes are for all levels, from complete beginners to advanced (Yoga teachers will adapt accordingly). They are designed to complement the practice of surfing, with breathing exercises, stretching, working on core strength especially back, shoulders and abs, concentration and meditation.

Classes are held every day after the surf classes, at our Yoga & Massage studio in Famara, from 6.00pm to 7.00pm

Our studio is a very special place with beautiful views over Famara and the mountains, with a unique light and atmosphere. You can start any day between Monday and Saturday.
Our yoga teachers are qualified and have been teaching for many years.

If you need a sports massage after an intense day of physical activity, our local physiotherapists Fiorella and María will leave you as new.

Other possible activities besides surfing include trekking in the surrounding volcanoes, with panoramic views over the island and incredible stories about its geologic heritage, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu martial art training, paragliding, road and mountain biking, snorkeling, scuba diving, kite surfing and pretty much any other water activity you could think of.

The Accommodation

Our surf house is located in the heart of Famara, minutes from the beach and from all amenities: bars, restaurants, grocery stores etc. Our neighbours are mostly local surfers. The house is located right across the dunes of Famara beach and you will be able to check the surf from the terrace every day. It is a fantastic place to socialize, sunbathe and throw a barbecue with a few beers in the dunes on windless days.

The house is fully equipped with a communal kitchen, bathroom, chill-out area and interior patio to store your board. All bedlinen are provided free of charge, you just need to bring your own towels. There is Wifi as well

You can pick between a private bedroom, which fits up to 2 people and is suitable for couples and friends alike, or a bed in the dorm room, which you will share with a maximum of 5 people. All bedrooms are cosy and equipped with individual storage boxes so you can keep your belongings organized.

We also offer other accommodation options if you are looking for more privacy, or if you are coming with a group: from a private, fully-equipped apartment also in the heart of the village, or Bungalow on top of the hills overlooking Famara’s bay and the village, or a country house with pool a few minutes drive from the village.

Why choose us… Because we do things with our heart. Surfing is more than riding a wave, it is a way of life-based on sharing unique experiences with other people in communion with nature, and we will make you feel a part of it. We are a small surf school and we like it this way; coming to surf with us means entering our family and sharing our lifestyle and our passion.

What´s included?

Our courses include:

  • All equipment rental,
  • 4 hours of coaching per day in small groups,
  • Photos,
  • Water and refreshments,
  • Picnic at the beach,
  • insurance,
  • and of course sunscreen!

We will also monitor your progress and deliver you an end-of-course certificate to certify the level you have reached.

Lanzarote, the “European Hawaii”, offers amazing weather and surf conditions year-round. Join us in paradise for an unforgettable surf holiday! Write us an inquiry with the time period you are interested in. We will reply immediately and are happy to answer all your questions. Hope to see you soon - your Lanza team!

Lanzasurf Surf School and Yoga Camp

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