Planet Surf Camp Vieux Boucau

Surf all day and party all night with our international surf team

Our surf camp Vieux Boucau is located on the well maintained camping site “Les Sablères ***”, directly behind the dunes with the beach only 100 m away. The long and beautiful sandy beach is not only the perfect place to catch some  great waves but also to take a little time out while watching surfers from all over the world. This is especially exciting when there is a large swell with big waves because then the lineup is full of highly skilled surfers putting on a great show. It is the perfect place to leave your everyday lives behind and relax in a pleasant environment. Here everybody is immediately welcome into the camp family and should join us for our amazing barbecues as well as our legendary motto-parties.

Vieux Boucau is situated at the Atlantic Coast in the southwest of France. Only about one hour drive from Bordeaux and 1.5 hours from Spain. The town center is only a few minutes away on foot. Besides the essentials like banks, pharmacies and supermarkets, there are lots of bars and restaurants in walking distance – so don’t worry, you won´t miss out on partying here. Every night all the people from various surf camps meet up at the “Mojito” bar to have a good time and party hard.

Hossegor, the european surf mecca, is only a 25 minute car drive from our surf camp and it is the perfect place for a shopping trip. It has not only beautiful beaches, perfect waves and great surfers, but also a big variety of outlets, where you can find stores from all well-known brands for surfing, skating and snowboarding with fair prices.

At Planet Surf, we guarantee that you will have an unforgettable surf trip. Our camp can host a maximum of 48 guests, which creates a very friendly and warm atmosphere. The team will take excellent care of you and make sure that the camp is always clean and tidy. Whether you need someone to talk to or simply someone to hit the bars with, they are there to support you at all times. Since our surf camp Vieux Boucau has an informal and friendly atmosphere you won’t have a choice but to meet other cool people and have a great time.


Our surf camp offers provides big, 4 persons glamping-tents for two people, giving you enough room to feel comfortable and spread all your stuff. You should bring your sleeping things, e.g. sleeping bag, pillow, blanket etc. But if you don’t want to carry a inflatable mattress all the way, you can book a real mattress for only 10€.

Beside the sleeping tents we have a "chill-out" tent which turns into our party tent at night. During the day you can relax on countless seats and talk to other camp guests, listen to music and watch the latest surf movie or other DVDs on our flatscreen. At night the legendary “after surf party” takes place in this tent where you can let it all hang out.

There is also a kitchen tent, where meals are prepared, and a dinner tent where we all eat together.

Food – let’s stay for a meal with Planet Surf

A healthy and balanced nutrition is really important, especially if you are very active and want your body to achieve high accomplishments. Of course, it is extremely practical, if you do not have to look after your diet during the holidays. Therefore, we offer full board for only 84 € per week (12 € a day)!

In the morning there is a two hours long breakfast buffet with large selection of food, coffee, tea and juices. You will definitely get enough power to get the best waves and in enjoy the day to the fullest!

For lunch time, you have the whole selection from the breakfast at free disposal in the morning, so that you can choose by yourself how to put your lunch packet together. Imagine, you can sit on the beach and enjoy a lovely afternoon in France while having lunch! Perfect!

After a high exertion like surfing it is also nice to get a warm dinner. Therefore, in the evening we all meet to enjoy a warm meal with crispy salad, and a delicious dessert prepared by our camp cook and the team. You can nosh to yours heart’s content after a long day of sun, beach and ocean while thinking back over the experiences of the day with your friends.

Vegetarians, don’t worry! We also serve meals without meat or fish. If you have allergies, please let us know before your arrival.

Unfortunately, self-sufficient persons cannot use our camp kitchen because of hygienic reasons. Only the team is permitted to enter the kitchen.

Surfing - with Planet Surf you get the wave

Vieux Boucau and nearby locations offer beach breaks. The conditions are dependable and can work at any time of the year. The spots get waves from local windswells as well as from distant groundswells. Good surf occurs at all stages of the tide.

Our surf lessons, the art of wave-riding, are brought to you by excellent surf instructors. They all posses a license and not only get a lot of experience by giving surf lessons, but also they are excellent surfers. Good instructors are probably the most important thing in a surf camp – to guarantee safety in the water and promise a fast advance in your surfing skills. We will always find a spot where you can learn or where you are able to expand your skills whether you are intermediate or advance surfer. We want you to feel safe and comfortable while learning. Therefore we teach groups of maximum 8 people split into beginner, intermediate and advanced. Hence our teachers are able to spot your mistakes and help you to improve fast. You can choose courses of 14 or 24 lessons.

In our beginner course, you are going to learn the sequence of movements for the take – off, so that you can start to surf the first withe-wash waves very soon. Theory introduction is indispensable, if you want to go surfing on your own. You will learn about waves, currents and equipment. But don´t worry: fun in the water and the practical surfing are always in the foreground.

In the intermediate surf course, we will help you improve your skills on the board and reach up the next level. We check out your movement sequences and help you surf unbroken ("green") waves diagonal. The content of the course totally depends on your motivation and aims!

Green waves up to 1,50 m are not a problem anymore and you nearly always surf diagonal? Are you looking forward to get some tips from a pro to be able to perform new moves on the board? Than you are the absolutely right person for our advanced course. The contents and aims will be individually arranged with the coach. So during your stay, we guarantee to push you until your limits!

Furthermore the surf equipment is always available for you – outside the lesson and during the weekend.

Our qualified surf instructors expect you in our surf school Moliet!

Activities – a lot of surfing and more

If you can’t get enough of surfing you have the opportunity to rent boards and wetsuits for free in our camp – also after the lesson. If you want to try another kind of water sport you can also grab a body board and spend some time in the water.

Apart from the water sport there are also other activities for you to enjoy. You can play at the beach volleyball, basketball or football fields. There are also ping pong and pool tables where you can continue to romp around. There is also a nice little skatepark close to the camp. There you can try your best on the different obstacles, rails and curbs. In our teams’ opinion it is a great place.

If you need some relaxation for body and mind, we also offer yoga courses where you can find your inner Chi. After the surfing this is a good opportunity to relax and you will come back totally unwind after your surf trip. 5 hours of yoga are for free and you can decide yourself if you are interested in it or not.

At night everybody, who still has enough energy after the hard day and is in a party mood, can join us and come to our favourite “Mojito” bar. There are always a lot of people. Sometimes there are bands playing live, so you can dance to the good music and have a great time there.

It never gets boring in our surf camp Moliets: we offer you a long list of activities at our camp in Moliets to keep you entertained for whenever you don’t have surf lessons.

We promise that you will have an unforgettable time in our surf camp Vieux Boucau. Our team is looking forward to your visit with a lot of surfing, fun and party!

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